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sheen less blitz

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Junior Member


So i stumbled upon a blitzcrank build that seems to be working wonderfully for me. My general items are:

1. Murcury treads
2. Chalice of harmony
3. Spirit visage
4. force of nature
5. Warmogs
6. than either glacial shard plus up grade or atmas impaler

-Murcury treads are bueatiful - little speed and magic resist and also reduces anything that would get me killed by 40%
-chalice i added in their simply because i hate running out of mana and its best to have more mana with blitz
-spirit visage is cheap and gives a good amount of regenration and magic resist. also the 30% added regen stacks well with force of nature and warmogs.
-force of nature is a must simply for the regeneration. my items have big components so i dont want to be running back to base to get hp when i don't have to.
-warmogs works awesome with force of nature and spirit visage and is simply a must have tank item :P
and finally either the glacial shard or atmas impaler. at this point i would probably sell the chalice to make room for a more beneficial item.

This build, despite not having much damage is very affective for ganking and the whole blitz of blitzcrank. But i am not sure if it is the best build i can make with him. Are their any changes someone could suggest?

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tank blitz should go banshees>frozen heart force of nature isint that great unless you face heavy mages and/or have alot of hp like shen

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Ninja Cyborg

Senior Member


1)meki pendant
2)basic boots
3)rod of ages
(1) meki pendant > chalice/tome
(2) boots> merc treads/ninja tabi/swiftness
4)lots of sight wards, maybe soul shroud if your team needs it. Mostly sight wards.

Blitz should be played as a support character, as that is what he's best at. placing 10 wards>getting sheen. You are going to be in a group anyway and your team will do the killing once you pull them in. Leave kills for carrys, don't last hit them with R. In group fights pull one in, then go for the carry and stun him with e continuously, and let off R just before death.