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About Some Recent Changes

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I find that the issue with TF has been so far from fixed, it actually made him worse. He's a stronger individual champ with now more burst than he used to in Stacked Deck as well as still having amazing map presence. So the slow is removed, a good TF can still kill someone easily without it. Udyr was nerfed for less, why hasn't this been fixed? We've also got Jax dominating games as well, since he has HP of a tank, damage of a carry. He has no armor or MR, sure. Banshee's Veil means he doesn't care about casters much, plus cleanse. This is NOT meant as a QQ thread, this is something that needs to be addressed. We've seen nerfs of things that deserved it far less, such as Kat over time, Shaco, and Trynd (back when he was OP because of cleanse). I'm amazed people are standing for how game changing TF and Jax can be, let alone when they're together.

While I'm at it, I think I should bring up Heimer. He is now MORE boring to fight than he ever was. The laning phase is just absolutely stupid. You can't effectively get near him, and to top it off, he can just grenade your tower to death. Something needs to be changed so he's not as utterly boring to lane against. Or even lane with. I don't mind the changes, but oh man...he's just boring now.