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Cho'Gath - Ideas for improving Feast and Vorpal Spikes

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Cho'Gath has problemsthat Businessman Cho'Gath are not going to solve.
As discussed in another topic:

I played a fair amount of cho, and I think he isn't picked a lot because there are better tanks. Losing feast stacks when you die is frustrating and takes too long to get back up. his stun is pretty much a skill shot, which i think deters people from using him when other tanks have easier/better disables.

I think Cho'Gath is slightly underpowered.

His attacks are all skillshots, and slow ones at that.

He's got no active on Vorpal Spikes, essentially limiting them to a farming tool.

He's hard-countered by Madred's Bloodrazor and/or Banshee's Veil.

He relies heavily on flash to teleport in and bite.

Dying sets him further back than any other hero in the game.

He's pretty weaksauce, I think. Especially compared to other tanks.
His two major problems are - Feast has a pretty blah reward in that it's often only really used to either one-hit kill an enemy using Flash or to farm health. And if you have max stacks, you stop getting rewarded for using it and it just becomes an OK melee nuke.

He has no way to keep people from running away from him. Unlike other tanks, you really can ignore him and just run/walk away from his AoE effects. So like Alistar, he has to use flash to accomplish anything, but he's not really as effective as Alistar.

And of course, Vorpal Spikes is a pure farming ability that just isn't that good.

So in an attempt to make him a better tank - he needs a better way of keeping enemies close to him. And Feast could use a small buff to give you a better reward for either when you're just starting to get stacks, or when you have max stacks.

I thought a wall effect would really fit him, and decided the best idea was a combination of Anivia, Karthus, and Veigar's cc abilities, to give him some soft CC/debuff that's more reliable than what he has now.

Proposed changes in bold.

Vorpal Spikes:
Passive: Cho'gath's physical attacks launch spines which deal 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+0.2 per ability power) magic damage to a line in front of him.

Active: Cho'Gath instantly creates an impenetrable circle of spikes to block the movement of his enemies. Enemies within the circle have their armor and magic resist lowered by 15/20/25/30/35. Lasts 5 seconds.


25 seconds

100 Mana


Instantly kills a champion under 300 / 550 / 800 (+0.5 per ability power) health, or kills most weak minions and monsters. If an enemy Champion is killed by Feast, Cho'Gath gains 25% of their ability power, and attack damage for 30 seconds.

Every successful Feast increases Cho'Gath's health by 90 / 120 / 150. Maximum 6 growths.