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New Champion idea

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I didn't think this champ through too far but i got his basics.
How about this for a Champion idea then?
He's a totaly into Honor and Glory and couldn't think of a greater fate than to fall in battle. For him to run away like a coward is unthinkable. Rather than fleeing from a battle in fear he would rather comit suicide on the battle field. And to actualy obtain a wound of Cowerdice on his back would mean the greatest disgrace to everything he believes in.

So that's basicaly his passive.
By hitting him in the back he gets a debuff called "Wound of Cowerdice" which makes him slow and lowers his armour and magic resistance. But if he is hit in the front he gets a stackable buff called "Wound of Honor" which keeps increasing his dammage output and movement speed.

I imagine playing this champ in team fights to be rly hard but in one on one ganks this guy should be unstoppable, if someone like twitch starts blasting this guy from the far with his ulti, this guy has no chance but to run straight for twitch if he wants to survive and kill him, for getting hit in the back is an instant death for him.

I figure he should be a melee fighter but other than that i can't think of much for him exept he should definetly not have a stun or slow ability or an escape ability. He should be a total bad ass that way.

What do u guys think?