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More options Please

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first off never played dota let me get that outta the way.

so a few days ago i get a key to try this game and coincidentally i also got myself a key for heroes of newerth the same day. Let me just say this game has me hooked completely. from the GFX to the overall feel of the game where as in HoN from the get go i disliked it due to it being so noob unfriendly and not knowing what to do and those type of GFX don't appeal to me..even though i dislike hon is has huge amount of options from creating games to how you wanna hear announcements basically you can customize everything.

also i can see this game not being as hardcore to dota players because of the lvl system their should be an option to play with the lvl system and without the lvl system.

My suggestions:(Sneak someone into HON beta and look at what im takin about forget its gameplay and gfx and focus on options) with that said nobody can say lol copied anything from it due to obviously both lol and and hon are dota clones.

-sounds=let us customize what we wanna hear, do i wanna hear players getting killed over or do iw anna know when turrets are getting killed? give me all the sound options to toggle them on/off

-rooms-let us create them,name them, you guys really need to check out HoN

basically what this game needs is all the options HoN has for it to appeal to more ppl. HoN has thousands of players hundreds of rooms. to me this game would be perfect with all that customization.