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[PubStomp Guide] AP Shaco

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AP Shaco gets a lot of hate, and that's fair enough. He's not exactly viable in ranked or organized teams. Yet he is actually pretty strong in pubs. You know you've seen at least 1 AP shaco rape, and if you haven't here is Vman owning in a High Elo ranked game.

AP shaco (

In fact I just went 5/0/4 against 1400Elo players so it does work in pubs. Here is how you own as him .

Masteries, Runes, Summoners.

Like all good Casters you should be running 9/0/21. AP Shaco is all about having an insanely strong early game (probably the strongest) so run magic penetration in the offense tree, make sure to get mana regen as well.

Magic Pen Reds
MP5 Yellows
CDR Blues
Flat AP Quints

Again, all about the strong early game. Doran's Ring, Masteries and Runes ensures you NEVER run out of mana in lane.

For Summoner I prefer Flash + Ignite. Ignite is great for burst and flash is just amazing. It's all about the damage with Shaco.


At level 1 I get JitB. Get to your lane and start planting boxes, if you're lucky you can get first blood or at least hurt your enemies if they don't expect it. This only works once, and this is the only time you will be box baiting.

After that max E as it is an insanely good nuke [1:1 Ap ratio, ranged on a 4 second CD AND scales with AD]. This is your main damage dealer for the rest of the game. Max W next with 1 in Decieve at level 4.

So This is your skill order.

W - E - E - Q - E - R - E - W - E - W - R - W - W - Q - Q - R - Q - Q


There are several item builds depending on how well you are doing.

Always start with a Doran's Ring.

Dominating! No brainer, get that soulstealer! After that start building a lichbane, then a Deathcap followed up by a void staff. Last item should either be a Banshee's Veil or Gaurdian's Angel.

Pretty Good! Get 1-2 more Doran's Ring and then build a sheen. After this get a Needlessly Large Rod, Lichbane and then Deathcap. Don't forget Sorc Shoe's somewhere in there.

I'm not dominating Okay so it didn't work out the way you wanted it to, basically you're not going to get the farm you need to go AP. Get a PhiloStone, Sheen, and start building a Trinity Force. You're going to be classic split-pushing Shaco. At least you can still help your team.

First Time Shaco Player By a philo stone, get a Banshee's Veil and just continously buy wards and help team mates with boxes.


If you Duo Lane do so with a damage dealer! Get to your lane and create a box nest. This is mostly luck (depends how dumb your enemies are). Stop trying to bait after level 2, start placing boxes to secure your lane.

Start leveling E and just spam that beast. At level 1 it does something like 80 ( +30AP + 26AD) it's pretty ridiculous. Try kill an enemy like this, or just keep sending him back to base.

Shaco can Tower Dive extremely well from level 6 onwards. If an enemy is low at tower, Ultimate and send your clone in first to tank tower, follow in for the killing E + Ignite.

In teamfights pretend you are kassadin. Your job is to go around the back and finish off squishies with E + Lichbane proc. Only decieve in if you wont die afterwards. Otherwise just spam E + W.

AP Shaco doesn't always work out, but when it does he is the most fun one could ever have!

Don't want to get yelled at?

As Dumb as it sounds practicing AP Shaco in Co-op vs AI does help for 2 simple reasons. 1. It helps with lvl 1 box-baiting, making sure not to aggro minions. 2. Bot's are actually pretty tanky, and they notice you when you come out of stealth faster than a human can. Just don't buy a soulstealer and you can learn something.