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[Champion Suggestion] Eglop, Zaun Mana-caine Adiict

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Well so far the city of Zaun was described as a big Sh** Hole where most of the crazy,violent and criminal minds stay. Heh reminds me of omega from ME 2. Anyways so i was thinking about an idea for a new champ and played some games against some pro mages and casters frankly no one likes a enemy pro mage popping up and burning(annie) electrifying (ryze) bombing ( zilean) AOEing (karthus0 you to death ... and well i thought of Eglop here.

1 .Back story and appearance

Well since being kicked of some academy in Zaun Eglop found it hard to get by. He lived in the sewer scavenging things of valor that could be sold up top and buy him some shots. Once when he was looking around under the Magic academy of zaun. While he was piling through some rubbish a pipe right over him coated him in some kind of blue ectoplasmic goo. Eglop tried to break free but couldnt. He stayed encased for decades until some smugglers found him and thinking he might be worth some coin took him with them. On the cart when one of the smugglers took out some mana-caine ( a magic powder mixed with extract from hallucinogenic flowers). At that moment Eglop broke free from his prison and devoured the the smuggler powder bag. He was changed his body absorbed some of the goo swelling across his whole body. He was bent over and on some of the tumors where the goo was absorbed the skin was transparent and in it murky blue water sparkled as if in a glass. Eglop killed the smugglers and took all of there good consuming them but it wasnt enough. So Eglop ran, he ran city to city trying to satisfy his hunger.His prison didn't only distort him it gave him power and speed and much arcane abilities . Eglop soon found out that he hungered for magic and arcane based concoctions so he went on hunting wizards or making money to buy succumb to his needs. Eglop was never happier his transformation brought him much for he didn't have to cower in a corner people wer afraid of HIM. When he heard of the league he hurried to join for it isn't everyday you get promised a quite big sum of gold for clobbering people.

I think for the skin he could be kinda of grayish with no shirt to uncover his swollen transparent parts. His legs should have some kind of breeches with some leather or timberland like boots> for the head his eyes could glow blue and he should have long hair or some kind unkempt hair. I was thinking of facial hair but i don't think its a good idea.

For his quotes somkind of very used up voice or maybe a glum like voice saying things like " HAHAHAHAHAHA I NEED SOME' or " Mine all mine' maybe " Prepare to trip out'


Health: 1100 or 900
Movement: 290


I need my fix:
When Eglop attack enemies with mana or gets targeted by a spell he stacks mana essenceswhich reduce damage from spells and give him magic resistance and mana. He can 10 stacks in all.

Mind Shake:

Eglops concentrates on a ennemy champion ravaging his thoughts and feasting on his imagination.

Enemy hero gets leached of 40/50/60/70/80 mana for 7 sec and is feared to first 2 sec. If the enemy is casting or was casting or casted a spell it is immediately terminated because of the lack of concentration and shock from Eglops attack.

Bad Stuff;
Eglops consumed mana essences seem to be to much for him. He Swells up throws up everything he had consume over the time covering everybody n from of him in raw magic in a semi digested liquid state.

Eglop cover a small arc in front of him with blue go that slows the enemy by 25% and dealing 100/120/140/150/160 magic damage and adds up 50 damage to be dealt overtime for each stack of magic essence( each stack adds 0.1 sec casting) .

Big 'Ands:
Eglop mutation made his hand grow into giant proportions with which he can easily knock a man out and make him forget his name.

Eglop whack his target across the head stealing 70/80/90/100/110 and stunning him for 3 sec. Also the targets spell are put on 5 sec of cool down because of the blow.

Eglop uses all his gathered up mixes to overdoes him self. All his senses boasted he runs into his ennemies crazed hungering to replenish his used up addictive ... and happy.

Eglop consumes large amounts of mana-caine and becomes overdosed. His attack speed is increased for 25 % and damage dealt by 15 %, Movement speed by 10 %and his stack twice as fast mana essences,for each mana essence stack the buff gives plus 0.5% for all buffs.The effects last 8/9/10/11/12 sec.Cast 4 sec

That's all folks. I would like to know what do you make of it guys. Thanks and sorry for my poor English .