[Guide] Winning aka l2p & Call for guides

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This forum is full of guides for various champions of differing quality. People brag about going 22-2-15. I do not care. There is no team deathmatch or score based mode in LoL as of yet. What there is, however, is a kill the nexus to win mode. Winning can only be accomplished by destroying the enemy nexus. We've all been in games down by a large number of kills, and still WON THE GAME.

What I would like to see are more guides and strategies concerning useful strategies of pushing the nexus (and the guide of "kill the other team you nub and then push" is just fine, but rather slow). It seems to me that any game that takes more than 30 minutes something is wrong. By level 10 a team of 4-5 can walk over a turret (if unobstructed by the enemy) so quickly that it seems highly unlikely that it is necessary for games to last longer than 30 minutes.

Thoughts? Flames? Strategies? Gimme gimme

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Playing 1-4-0 on the lanes (after midgame have started.)works wonders in most games, the trick here is to make sure that the 4 ppl laning attract the attention of all the enemies(which they usually do) and that they are passive agressive. Then let the one who lanes alone, make a quick push for the tower. Then the enemy "HAVE" to spare some ppl to either scare or try to kill that guy, at which point they they will become weaker in the 4 man lane. This opens up for a push. There is some cons though. 1. the guy laning alone could die(which normally can be accepted if he just killed a tower) 2. if some map AoE comes into play(GPs ult)