[CHAMPION SUGGESTION] Petrov Boylover, The Catholic Priest!

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With all the controversy now surrounding the Catholic Church it was only a matter of time until they would have to defend their faith in the ultimate proving grounds, the league of legends! Petrov was in a unique position when the league came calling. When not preoccupied with matters best left unspoken he was crossing those skills over into combat to defend the church walls from pesky investigations!

It was for this reason that the Pope himself chose Petrov Boylover to represent the church in their quest for redemption! GOD HELP US ALL!


Q: CONFESSION: The Boylover causes the enemy targetted champion to enter confession to redeem itself causing the targetted champion to be put into stasis, this skill lasts longer for the amount of enemy creep kills the target has. If the Boylover has used :The Bad Touch: within 10 seconds Confession will also force the Boylover to listen to the enemies confession for its duration.

W: THE BAD TOUCH: The Boylover touches the target in an innapropriate area, if the target is male the champion will be tormented for the rest of the game and take 5 extra damage from the boylover (stacks until Petrov enters confession). If the target is female Petrov will be excommunicated from the church and die instantly.

E: BLESS ME FATHER FOR I HAVE SINNED: (passive) For every stack of THE BAD TOUCH on enemy champions Petrov gains hp and attack damage.

R: THE HAND OF THE BOY LOVER: Petrov forces all nearby enemy champions to smell his finger instantly incapacitating them.


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... At least, if you're gonna troll, keep the references current (three of your four skills revolve around old news. The same old news) and make the hero at least functional.

Til then, stop trolling.