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Is he worth buying?

Really interested in buying him.

Can you guys tell me the runes/items you would use for him, and if he is any good?


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Veigar is worth buying, he is the Tiny Master of Evil! Veigar packs a huge punch against other mage's and AP support champs with his Ult + Combo. Veigar has THE best aoe stun in the game, and can change the tides of battles with just that stun alone.

M.Pen Reds, Mana Regen/lvl Yellows, and CDR Blues are great for any mage and suffice for veigar.

Items you generally want to get are Rabadons, rylais, sorc boots, and tanky items like GA, Banshees veil, and thornmail or force of nature, depending on the other teams set up. Adapt to what the other team has and you'll be solid. Once you become quite the expert with veigar, you may want to throw in a mejais for his build. With his stun(s) and massive burst damage, it becomes very easy to obtain the kills and assists to reach that 20 stack mejais.