Laning as Annie vs Ezreal

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I play a decent amount of Annie (more than any other mage), and I'm pretty confident against most champs. However the one that consistently gives me the most trouble is Ezreal. Due to his range and blink, it's very hard to fight back against him 1v1, and it doesn't really seem possible to poke him down with a few stuns without paying for it harshly.

Just wondering if anyone had any tips for how to deal with this situation. I know the generic tips for fighting Ezreal like "Stand behind minions" and "Dodge his skills" but I don't really see anything about him that Annie can take advantage of.

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Start with a dorans shield . I never have too many problems with ez when i start with dorans shield (unless the ez is WAY outskilling me) because so long as you take shelter behind minions, any stray shots and harass dmg just gets regenerated. Also since ez seem to all go AD these days, the armour helps heaps.
That being said, I still find it hard to dominate a decent ez, and when the skill level is pretty even it's pretty impossible to get a kill on him. So in those cases I reckon you just need to outfarm him. Also remember that you can still harass him a bit with your auto-attack whilst farming with Q.

The doran shield gives you the survivability to be able to outfarm him and so long as you land killing shots with her Qs I don't find I have any mana problems without having gotten the ring.

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Ezreal is hella squshy and Annie has mad burst. im not sure why your having an issue with him. can u explain how hes beating you? normally with an Ezreal i simply ignore him until im lvl 3/4 wait till my stun is up then melt his face.

if hes evading you with his blink then just flash and stun (u do have flash right?). a simple combo of QWQ and an ignite should be more then enough to kill the bugger.

if hes harassing you with his blink then make sure he pays for it everytime. timing your Qs on creeps properly you should have no problem with mana for harass.