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Community Project Seeks Volunteers

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Hello, My name is iliphium. I'm currently looking for some volunteers for a project i have slated for early April. This project will hopefully will better the community as a whole, and bring a little more competitiveness to the game. I really can't speak to much on what exactly this project is at the moment, but trust me it will all be worth while.

Now what kind of volunteer work is he talking about might you be asking yourself right now?

My answer is this... I'm looking for Very Experienced players.. Not at one champion... or someone who has some amazing build....I need overall game knowledge Preferably people who has been playing since early beta and can give me as much info about the game as quickly and efficiently as i see fit.

I am also looking to fill up a couple "staff" position's. Duty's would include Admin type activities on our website. ( some sort of " past league admin background" on a ladder system preferred )

All those interested in Staff Positions please send a email to [email]PGAdmin@ymail.com[/email] with your Name, Age, Qualification's.

Anyone may contact me via In-Game : Summoner Name iliphium

" Fri Mar 26th " <- for Updating Thread Purposes "

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Best of luck