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How I 'play' Shen...

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Since I have thus far seen no other Shen do this.
I have SoloQd several games and got good results jungling.

Rolling with Smite and Ghost and taking Q first he can solo Liz at lvl 1

I generally start with Cloth armor + pots (though I'm interested in trying boots as first item)

I was generally little behind the solo lanes in xp without ganking, on par after successful ganks.

You also get your ultimate faster this way, granting you more mobility.

I generally build for Madred's Razor and Boots of Mobility asap, followed by aegis and phage followed by items depending on the enemy team.

So what do you folks think?

(On another note, isn't it very ninja to be running around the map, jumping out from forests and ganking people? )

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awesome idea, building the way i think the guy should be played...
i was working on a dps build my self, but found it impossible because his damage out put was so hard to build up quick