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I need Alistar advice for 3v3

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If anyone can provide some advice and a personal guide for playing alistar 3v3 would be appreciated. I'm pretty good at many legends but i keep getting shutdown as alistar.

I want to be good at all variety types of legends so i picked Alistar as a tank.

Im profile lvl 17 and i'm leaning towards singed as a tank instead but i would rly like to learn alistar =D

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I used to build him straight AP in 3v3 with Lich Bane and Deathfire grasp, but his ratios got nerfed a little while ago, so It's my opinion that straight AP isn't the way to go. In 3v3, you don't really need to be as tanky as a 5v5, so it's best to build items that give you some offense as well as defensive ability. For Twisted Treeline, I usually build him as a Tank/AP hybrid, building Sunfire Cape, Abyssal Scepter, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This will give you a good chunk of AP for damage, as well as a nice debuff aura for you to hit them with Sunfire and your passive, which, with Rylai's, becomes an AoE slow just from standing around and saying "Hi". Other than those three items I usually have a Chalice of Harmony and Ninja Tabi, but then again I have dodge runes, so you may want to build boots situationally since you're level 17. Sheen also works well as a first item. The added health, armor, and magic resist of these items should help you survive quite a bit, as long as you time your ultimate well.

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Jazz Bat

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First off, try to gank if possible or headbutt them to your teammates to get them caught in a tight position and hopefully die.
Second, if they are being aggressive, stun+ headbutted+ tower= . There is nothing wrong with hugging your tower, you get just as much xp (I think).
Also, keep in mind, as Alistar it's easier to spoonfeed your teammates using the stun,go behind, and headbutt to team technique than it is to actually get a kill.
Bushes are your turf. During the beginning of the game before minions spawn in 3v3 get to the bush with a teammate that the enemy team always goes in. If you upgrade your Pulverise(stun) skill first, you will almost always get a kill if you have a strong teammate to help you pick off that stunned enemy. Use Ignite if they always seem to get away.

For items, you first off always want to get Shurelya's Reverie. Build it though, buy your pendant first and keep on making it.
Next, buy your Boots of Speed and build it to the Boots of Lucidity.
Depending on what kind of champions they have, either go with Banshee's Veil or Thornmail.
-These are only the core items you should have, buy whatever works against the opposing team.