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Question about AI/Bot

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I'm old to dota, but new to league, I don't know if this is the right place to ask newbie question, if not let me know, but anyway......

Why should I choose PVE? cause its more relaxing, less stressful, and AI don't quit and afk

So here are my question for Single Player:

1) Do AI/Bot heroes also rotate every week? otherwise it would be boring yes?

2) If not? is it possible to have more different AI/bots in the future? and more difficulties (instead of just easy AI) in short, more support & feature for simple player?

3) How does the IP & Exp reward work? cause it seem in PVE I always get 51 cause of -35% for practice penalty, what is the total then? I also gain 51 for losing in PVP, how much do I gain in PVP for winning?

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This game really isn't about PvE vs. PvP. Eventually you'll want to move into ranked game/blind pick. But to answer your questions.

1.) No, the bots are static and there are only a few champions available. They do not change because they are used to practice new champions and get a hold of the learning curve for a pvp environment.

2.) There is a planned "medium" setting for the bots, however it's not exactly high on the list of things to get done. Once again, single player is not the focus of this game.

3.) Below level ~8 you gain regular experience for bot games, however eventually you won't get ANY ip or exp from bot games. This is to move players into the PVP arena if they want to continue leveling their summoner. You gain about 120~ ip from winning in PvP (~240 ip for the first win of the day) about 70 for losing.

Hope that explains it.

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Zoro The Otter

Senior Member


Also note that the AI for Master Yi is somewhat buggy. It will often tower dive (at the first top tower most of the time) for no apparent reason and then gets "stuck" between the tower and the jungle bush by it causing it to die.

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The AI is terrible. Horrible. Fail.

I watched Alistair tower dive through two towers. At level 5. After a full hp Sivir.