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Annie Help

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Here's some advice:

Incinerate gets more damage per level than Disintegrate, so you should focus on leveling that first. But start with a single point of Disintegrate, as it has a low low cooldown and can be used to last-hit minions easily without costing mana and as such builds up stun charges. When you are energized, try to use Disintegrate to stun the enemy then immediately run into range and Incinerate (make sure to get a few autoattacks in) for some fairly massive damage. When you hit 6, your new combo becomes Bear -> Incinerate -> Disintegrate, which should pretty much instagib people.

Obviously this is bad advice, desintegrate is superior because of said desintegrate's 1/2 cd value of incinerate's cd - when you go for a lvl 6 kill u go tibbers -> q -> w -> q. Then if enemies didn't die/run you put shield and q+w are reloaded - u can stun again.

Some people go with w first and load it at the fountainn but this is usually bad idea since it will be better only for FB if u are confident in ur lanemate, however it hinders your farming.

As for item build don't ever go tear of the goddess, this is just bad. Catalyst -> boots -> mejai or roa (depends if you are confident with kill soon) -> upgrade boots (usually mercury threads unless you are playing noobs in which case you will win with just everything or when evemy team has no cc which i will not believe, in such rare cases you can go with sorc boots) -> roa/mejai (whichever one you did not get) -> blue (and preferably red too) elixir if you didn't buy it earlier -> game should be over by this time, if not aim at rylai/zhonya/void staff/banshee. Also if enemy team has lots of glass-cannon nukers with low resist then abyssal is good choice, but it is very rare case.

Oh, and if you want to be cc bot instead of burst (which i don't recommend) you can go more tankish items - tank annies are viable choice. I dislike them though b/c annie has such a huge burst potential that this combined with her aoe stuns and i find E enough of defense combined with HP quints, roa and annie's nice hp pool makes abandoning def items on her very good choice (ofc don't be too greedy with going ap).

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u use fireball if ur going 2 take mid, and cone 2 if ur top or bot at the start...this helps wif first blooding due to the stun. i usually use 2xRoA, thornmail, banshees veil, boots of mobility and deathfire grasp...providing i get fed.