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eve: the most unfair and unbalanced

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anyone saying that playing eve is easy is a moron and obviously havent played eve vs some at least decent opponents.

Are comments like this really called for?

Someone who wants to play a certain champion should not be chastised in this way. Learn to counter with stealth detection.

People with Eve on their team... help out with calling out the placement of wards as well as signaling carriers of O. Elixir. 400g is not a cheap investment and sooner or later players who opt to use Oracles either give up from dying so much, or just ask other ppl on their team to rotate the responsibility. Players as Eve facing opposing teams with oracles just need to play smarter and use traditional methods of remaining hidden like brush.

As a Eve player this is what I do, you just have to be more careful and have a team that doesn't call out Kill Steal (KS) all of the time. Realize that this is a team game and that in order for Eve to be effective, she needs these kills.

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Ruff Ninja

Senior Member


I Lol'd.. hard.

Eve is so garbage. She rapes noobs hard, but thats about it. Don't cry OP if you're not good at this game. Not like its going to do anything, because there is no way Eve gets nerfed from her already quite worthless self.

Shaco and Twitch are MUCH more viable.