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Shen is a fail

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probably gonna get spam nub but jez... shen is horrible. barely any his skills have barely any dps. his shields are useless. and a tank? rly? not with the health and all.

vorpal blades are crappy. barely even heals, lucky if 10 hp and do so little dmg. even tho you can spam it, it so worthless.

Feint is great and all but only 3 sec? eh? when ur a tank you going get dps so much. which need to be nerf up. it kinda worthless.

shadow dash. it's pretty cool and all but i wish it can dps too. just taunting is freakin crappy. everytime i try to dash. i get stun and killed. but i like the concept of it tho. nice free flash if you use it right. but it still crappy.

Stand United. his ult? this is an ult? ridiculous(in a bad way) in mid game, damage go way over 800 and when you get there you will die, because of all of bad skills. And your friend will die with you... sadly.

Overall. he so underpowered. i barely can get 1 kill in a 40 minute match. too low hp for a tank. his passive is freakin crappy too. he has low dmg too. he needs to be nerf up. if not i want a refund so i play Urf<3. but plz do something riot so my points won't be in vain Q_Q

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I agree with you 100%, vorpal blade is cool but the secondary is kind of useless and I don't understand why its a blade and not a shurken

feint would be better as a passive

shadow dash would be better if it had DPS

stand united is silly

proposed changes:

I agree with you 100% , shadow dash needs DPS, feint is too weak in the late game, the ultimate is cool as a teleport but the secondary shield is kind of useless, needs a little something else I think, maybe a rally for all nearby allies that increase movespeed/attack or SOMETHING

heres the stuff I was thinking would make him better

"Vorpal Blade: Hits a target enemy for magic damage, and marks the target for allies to see. Allied units that attack the marked enemy target get healed over several seconds.

Feint: Shen defends against the next champion attack or spell, blocking much of the damage from it.

Shadow Dash: Shen dashes towards target location, taunting enemies he passes through.

Stand United: Places a shield on target ally which absorbs damage. After channeling for several seconds, Shen teleports to the target ally and shields himself as well.

A very squishy tank...
2200 HP at level 11 WITH a frozen mallet

Vorpal Blade: is pretty cool, a vorpal shurkan would seem a tad more appropriate, where is he getting all those swords he is throwing from? lol

I do think that damage over time would be more appropriate as well instead of a healing property, although its somewhat useful

Feint: kind of useless later on in the game, I think a passive would be better than something you spam every 3 seconds

no real idea what to replace it with except for some sort of passive that can dodge attacks/spells similar to faceless void from dota

a smoke bomb here would be the perfect thing however, blindness and silence for people in area

Shadow Dash: I kind of love it, but I also think that physical + ability damage would be good in addition to taunt, or you could put silence on it instead maybe if you don't include smoke bomb
I think the cooldown needs to go down with levels, its too long

Stand United: I think it should be completely scrapped, it should be replaced with something akin to the nurubian assassin from DOTA

Invisibility for X number of seconds + physical + AP dmg

or since everyone wants to keep like a tank, it should do something more beneficial for the team than this such as a team shield or a rally like buff for all nearby peoples

his passive is okay if you want to keep the tank theme..

in summary,
his stats seem OKAY but 100 hp less than mundo at level 1 , I dont get it if he is a tank
he should throw a shurikan instead of a blade....
feint needs to be scrapped and replaced with smoke bomb
dash should do DAMAGE
ultimate should involve stealth and assasination

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Yuo realise Urf is an april fools joke, the same one they did during beta last year right?

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More "Omg not a ninja!" idiots. Huzzah.

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meh ive really enjoyed Shen. only complain is energy. All classes that are restricted by a resource can increase that resource through items. Shen cannot. in a team fight i can barely use all of his abilities as energy is gone in seconds.

to this point it makes feint rather crappy because it can only be used a very limited amount of times

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Your doing it wrong
Shen has dominated just about every game Ive played since his release

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shen looks to be doing pretty good in all the pub games ive played in so far, but i cant see him doing well in premades. so hes about the same as 70% of the other champions.