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Champion Suggestion = Sharp The Shooter

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Lucid Spectre

Junior Member


Sharp The Shooter

Passive – Eagle Eye; Sharp being a sharp shooter naturally has better eye site then most
Champions, his passive would grant him a larger plain of view.

Skill Q – Cripple Shot; Sharp shoots a bullet into the leg of an opposing champion that
briefly slows said champion. (could be a skill shot)

Skill W – Bank Shot; Sharp pick two targets. Target one takes no damage but acts as a
midpoint to target two. (target two taking the damage)

Skill E – Ghillie Suit; (Passive skill) When Sharp enters tall grass, he temporarily puts on
his Ghillie suit that grants him invisibility (in the tall grass only) for a short amount
of time. (lvl 1=3sec, lvl 2=6sec, lvl 3=9sec, lvl 4=12, lvl 5=15)

Skill R – Boom Head Shot!!!; Sharp pick one visible target on the map and fires a single
shot that hits the target for massive damage.

Let me know what you think Riot. ^ ^

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Junior Member


good stuff

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Junior Member


hmm i like it all exept for the ulti, that's just too repetetive. and kinda silly, i mean Ezreals and Ashes ulti u can dodge and karthuses ulti can be cleanesed but this is kinda gay i think.

i like the rest though nice ideas ^^