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[ CHAMPION SUGGESTION ] Morte The Pleagued Warrior

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Morte,The Pleagued Warrior
Description: Morte is a skeletal warrior that died but not entirly.He wares a heavy rusty armor and a big rsuty shield and a scemitar.He has yellow glowing eyes.
Pestalence: Morte's body is coated with a horrible disease that when attacked the attacker get infect taking in damage over time.The damage is 20% base on Morte's attack damage.
Cursed Bone:Morte throws a bone at his enemy doing direct damage the bone also curses the ground as skeletal arms grabs the enemy and hold in place.While the oppenant can't move they can still fight.
Bone Marrow: Morte hardens his bone increaing more of his armor and health as he levels,A percentage of Morte's Armor and health can also share with his allies as he harden their bones too.It also help regan health gradually.
Skeletal Minions: Morte places a curse on both ally and enemy minions once they die they will come back to life as skeletal minions.They will gain a percentage of Morte's Armor attack damage and health.Although the minions do not stay long they will wither away and die.
Pleagued Lands:Morte buries him self underground and travel to a location of choice and pop out from ground and corrupting the land around him,Those caught in the foul land would take damage over time and slowing their movement speed as well.

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I love the Idea, Undead ftw !! hed make a great champ to introduce around halloween..his abilities definately fit his character.