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Need Help with Kayle

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Hmm, don't know if 200+ Recks are possible at level 3. Maybe if the player was stacking AP/pen runes. I wouldn't go that route, though. I've played a lot of Kayle, and it's my opinion that she's not really suited for balls-to-the-wall aggressive play like an Annie or Ryze. You can play her aggressively, and I do myself, but you probably won't even 1v1 most champions with her, much less a pair or more. It's quite tough to get her DPS above atrocious levels, especially when multiple targets are involved. So, play her as an opportunist--try some tower dives or help your team pick off fleeing opponents (or baiters if you can get to them quick enough).

For early mana troubles, I do a Catalyst or a Mana Manipulator if I'm feeling in a more defensive mood. Kayle is an awful farmer, so you'll have to get good at last hitting (and probably have to take some pain in the process since you're mostly melee range). Kayle's one of the better lane harassers, but she will run out of mana quick if you are spamming Reck. Don't spam it until it's at least level 2, focus a target with your lane opponent, and don't target someone with lifesteal or a Regrowth Pendant. Played competently, they will just wear you down.

My "aggressive" item build usually has:

Boots of Swiftness/Mercs
Lich Bane
(rare that games go this long, Zhonya's/Frozen Mallet/Void Staff/Abyssal all options depending)

I always run with Ghost and usually Exhaust. Cleanse or Ignite are also options.

I always get Boots3 unless I'm up against a really nasty control team, in which case I go Mercs. With those and Blessing up you will be very fast, being able to both chase down fleeing champs and get out of some crazy situations. If I'm having a particularly good early game I'll upgrade my Catalyst into an RoA, but usually I'll go Banshee's or sell it late game.

Mejai's isn't as good as it used to be, but even an aggressive Kayle should rarely die if played correctly. It's not hard to keep 10 or so stacks (you'll still likely get more assists than kills), but in good games you'll be able to max it out. I like team auras as Kayle so I'll get a Stark's if no one else is, and I always run CDR runes and masteries and farm golem.

I'm not a big fan of Deathfire's, though it can be a great initiate on a tank. I probably don't like it since rushing it early means low mana and as the game goes on I want attack speed. I haven't tried Rageblade since the buff, maybe I'll check it out.