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Catalog of Items

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-- Format --

Name: Full Name
Cost: Follows two formats, either "Cost" (for base items) or "Upgrade Cost+Items Required/Total Cost" for higher items.
Effect: Description of item's bonuses.

Abbreviations used: HP(current HP), MP(current mana), MaxHP, MaxMP, Armor, MRes(Magic Resist), Dmg(Attack Damage), AS
(Attack Speed), MS(Move Speed), Xh5(X Health per 5 Seconds), Xm5(X Mana per 5 Seconds), CD (Cooldown), UAura (Unique Aura), P:(Passive, UP:(Unique Passive), AP(Ability Power), Pen(Armor Penetration), LS(Life Steel), Xg10(X Gold every 10 Seconds), Move(Enhanced Movement).

-- List of Items --
(To find where your item is in game,

Name: Abyssal Scepter
Cost: 1050+Blasting Wand+Negatron Cloak/2670
Effect: AP +70, MRes +60, UP: Enemy MRes -20

Name: Aegis of the Legion
Cost: 750+Ruby crystal+Null-Magic Mantle+Cloth Armor/1950
Effect: MaxHP+285, UAura: Armor +35, MResist +40, Dmg +8 to nearby allies.

Name: Amplifying Tome
Cost: 435
Effect: AP +20

Name: Archangel's Staff
Cost: 1050+Tear of the Goddess+Blasting Wand/2910
Effect: MaxMP +400, +25m5, AP +45, P: 2% of MaxMP is converted to AP. UP: Each time your champion uses an ability, MaxMP +4. 3 second cooldown.

Name: Atma's Impaler
Cost: 825+Chain Vest+Cloak of Agility/2405
Effect: Armor +50, Crit +18%, UP: 2% MaxHP to physical attacks.

Name: Avarice Blade
Cost: 350+Brawler's Gloves/750
Effect: Crit +12%, +5g10

Name: Banshee's Veil
Cost: 650+Negatron Cloak+Catalyst the Protector/2715
Effect: MaxHP+500, MaxMP +400, MRes +60, UP: Blocks one negative spell every 15 seconds.

Name: Berserker's Greaves
Cost: 150+Boots of Speed+Dagger/920
Effect: AS +25%, UP: Move +2

Name: B.F. Sword
Cost: 1850
Effect: Dmg +50

Name: Blasting Wand
Cost: 880
Effect: AP +40

Name: Boots of Mobility
Cost: Boots of Speed + 650/1000
Effect: UP: Move +2, Move +5 when out of combat.

Name: Boots of Speed
Cost: 350
Effect: UP: Move +1

Name: Boots of Swiftness
Cost: 700+Boots of Speed/1050
Effect: UP: Move +3

Name: Brawler's Gloves
Cost: 400
Effect: Crit +8%

Name: Catalyst the Protector
Cost: 450+Ruby Crystal+Sapphire Crystal/1350
Effect: MaxHP +400, MaxMP +325, restores 425 HP and 325 MP on level up.

Name: Chain Vest
Cost: 700
Effect: Armor +50

Name: Cloak of Agility
Cost: 880
Effect: Crit +18%

Name: Cloth Armor
Cost: 300
Effect: Armor +20

Name: Dagger
Cost: 420
Effect: AS +15%

Name: Doran's Blade
Cost: 435
Effect: MaxHP +130, Armor +6, +1g10

Name: Doran's Ring
Cost: 435
Effect: MaxHP +130, +5m5, AP +10

Name: Doran's Shield
Cost: 435
Effect: MaxHP +130, Armor +9, +10h5

Name: Emblem of Valour
Cost: 100+Vampiric Scepter+Rejuvination Bead
Effect: LS +17%, UAura: +10h5 to nearby allied champions.

Name: Executioner's Calling
Cost: 950+Brawler's Gloves+Vampiric Scepter
Effect: LS +15%, Crit +15%, UP: Attacks on enemy champions apply a debuff that reduces incoming healing by 40% for 8 seconds

Name: Faerie Charm
Cost: 180
Effect: +3m5

Name: Fiendish Codex
Cost: 420+Meki Pendant+Amplifying Tome/1245
Effect: AP +30, +7m5, UP: CD -10%.

Name: Force of Nature
Cost: 1000+Regrowth Pendant+Regrowth Pendant+Negatron Cloak/2690
Effect: MRes +80, +40h5, MS +8%, UP: .35%HPh5

Name: Frozen Heart
Cost: 425+Chain Vest, Glacial Shroud/2800
Effect: Armor +110, MaxMP +500, UP: CD -25%, reduces nearby enemy AS by 25%

Name: Frozen Mallet
Cost: 800+Phage+Giant's Belt/3240
Effect: MaxHP +775, Dmg +20, UP: Physical attacks reduce your target's Movement Speed for 2.5 seconds.

Name: Giant's Belt
Cost: 1150
Effect: MaxHP +475

Name: Glacial Shroud
Cost: 400+Sage's Ring+Cloth Armor/1675
Effect: MaxMP +500, Armor +40, UP: CD -20%

Name: Guinsoo's Rageblade
Cost: Blasting Wand + Pickaxe + 400/2255
Effect: Dmg +35, AP +45, On attack, AS +4%, AP +6, lasts 5 seconds, stacks 8 times.

Name: Heart of Guild
Cost: Ruby Crystal + Cloth Armor + 200/1000
Effect: MaxHP +225, Armor +30, 5g10

Name: Infinity Edge
Cost: 375+B.F. Sword+Pickaxe+Cloak of Agility/4080
Effect: Dmg +80, Crit +20%, UP: Critical hits now deal 250% damage instead of 200%.

Name: Innervating Locket
Cost: 850+Catalyst the Protector+Mana Manipulator/2650
Effect: MaxHP +475, MaxMP +40, 9m5, UP: Using an ability restores 50 Health and 20 Mana over 2 seconds to nearby units

Name: Kage's Lucky Pick
Cost: 330+Amplifying Tome/765
Effect: AP +25, +5g10

Name: Last Whisper
Cost: 750+Recurve Bow+Long Sword/2215
Effect: Dmg +20, AS +40%, UP: Pen +40% (except Turrets).

Name: Lich Bane
Cost: 950+Null-Magic Matle+Sheen+Blasting Wand/3490
Effect: MaxHP +350, AP +80, MRes +32, MS +7%, UP: After an ability is used, your next physical attack gains your AP in extra Damage. 3 Second CD.

Name: Long Sword
Cost: 415
Effect: Dmg +10

Name: Madred's Bloodrazor
Cost: Madred's Razor + Pickaxe + Recurve Bow + 775/3800
Effect: Dmg +40, AS +40%, Armor +30, On hit, deals Magic Damage equal to 2% of the target's maximum Health.

Name: Madred's Razors
Cost: 285+Cloth Armor+Long Sword
Effect: Damage +15, Armor +25, P: 15% chance on attack to deal 500 damage to a minion.

Name: Malady
Cost: 750+Dagger+Dagger+Vampiric Scepter
Effect: LS +15%, AS +40%, UP: Phsyical attacks cause the target to take 5 extra damage (stacking 6 times) from any champion's attack.

Name: Mana Manipulator
Cost: 115+Faerie Charm+Faerie Charm/475
Effect: UA: +7.2m5 to nearby champions.

Name: Mejai's Souleater
Cost: 550+Amplifying Tome+Blasting Wand/1865
Effect: AP +70, UP: Killing a champion grants 10 AP (max 70) and steals all the target's mana.

Name: Meki Pendant
Cost: 390
Effect: +7m5

Name: Mercury's Treads
Cost: Boots of Speed+Null-Magic Mantle+500/1250
Effect: MRes +35, UP: Move +2, UP: Duration of Movement impairing effects -40%

Name: Nashor's Tooth
Cost: 800+Stinger+Blasting Wand
Effect: AS +30%, AP +55, +10m5, UP: CD -15%.

Name: Negatron Cloak
Cost: 740
Effect: MRes + 50

Name: Ninja Tabi
Cost: 200+Boots of Speed+Cloth Armor/850
Effect: Armor +25, Dodge +11%, UP: Move +2.

Name: Null-Magic Mantle
Cost: 400
Effect: MRes +25

Name: Phage
Cost: 425+Ruby Crystal+Long Sword/1365
Effect: MaxHP +250, Dmg +18, 25% Chance to lower MS by 40% for 2.5 Seconds, does not stack with Frozen Mallet.

Name: Phantom Dancer
Cost: 900+Cloak of Agility+Zeal+Dagger/3395
Effect: AS +45, Crit +30%, Dodge +20%, MS +12

Name: Philosopher's Stone
Cost: 250+Meki Pendant+Regrowth Pendant/1115
Effect: +25h5, +12m5, P:5g10

Name: Pickaxe
Cost: 975
Effect: Dmg +25

Name: Recurve Bow
Cost: 1050
Effect: AS +40%

Name: Regrowth Pendant
Cost: 475
Effect: +17.5h5

Name: Rejuvination Bead
Cost: 250
Effect: +10h5

Name: Rod of Ages
Cost: 850+Catalyst the Protector+Blasting Wand/3055
Effect: MaxHP +425, MaxMP +450, AP

Name: Ruby Crystal
Cost: 500
Effect: MaxHP +215

Name: Rylai's Scepter
Cost: Blasting Wand + Amplifying Tome + Giant's Belt+700/3165
Effect: MaxHP +550, AP +80, P:Target's move -40% (-15% if AOE) for 1.5 seconds.

Name: Sage's Ring
Cost: 975
Effect: MaxMP +500

Name: Sapphire Crystal
Cost: 400
Effect: MaxMP +200

Name: Sheen
Cost: 425+Sapphire Crystal+Amplifying Tome/1260
Effect: MaxMP +250, AP +25, UP: Abilities increase next physical attack by 100% extra base damage. 3 second cooldown.

Name: Soul Shroud
Cost: 700+Mana Manipulator+Giant's Belt/2325
Effect: MaxHP +580, UAura: 12m5 and CD -15% to nearby allies.

Name: Sorcerer's Shoes
Cost: 130+Boots of Speed+Amplifying Tome/925
Effect: AP +33, UP: Move +2.

Name: Stark's Ferver
Cost: 700+Emblem of Valour+Recurve Bow/2550
Effect: AS +20%, UAura: Give nearby champions LS +20%, AS +25% and +30h5. Reduces nearby enemy Armor by 25.

Name: Stinger
Cost: 300+Faerie Charm+Dagger/900
Effect: AS +20%, +5m5, UP: CD -10%

Name: Sunfire Cape
Cost: 1000+Chain Vest+Giant's Belt/2850
Effect: MaxHP +500, Armor +50, P:40 Magic Damage to nearby enemies

Name: Tear of the Goddess
Cost: 400+Sapphire Crystal+Faerie Charm/980
Effect: MaxMP +350, +5m5, UP: Each time you use an ability, MaxMP +5, 3 second coodlown, caps at MaxMP +600

Name: The Black Cleaver
Cost: 800+B.F. Sword+Long Sword/3065
Effect: Dmg +75, P: Physical attacks reduce target's Armor by 12 for 5 seconds, stacking 5 times.

Name: The Bloodthirster
Cost: 900+B.F. Sword+Vampiric Scepter/3200
Effect: Dmg +60, LS +15%, P: Dmg +1 and LS +0.25% per kill. Max: Dmg +40 and LS +10%. Lost on death.

Name: Thornmail
Cost: 600+Chain Vest+Cloth Armor/1600
Effect: Armor +70, UP: Return 20% of normal attack damage as magical damage (15 min) to attacker.

Name: Tiamat
Cost: 500+Pickaxe+Long Sword+Faerie Charm+Rejuvination Bead/2320
Effect: Dmg +42, +15h5, +4m5, P:Your attacks splash, doing 185 Physical damage in a small area around the target.

Name: Trinity Force
Cost: Zeal + Sheen + Phage + 300/4095
Effect: Dmg +20, AP +30, AS +25%, Crit +12%, Move +12%, MaxHP +300, MaxMP +300, UP: 25% chacne on hit to slow the target by 50% for 2.5 seconds; on cast, increases base attack damage by 150% for one attack.

Name: Vampiric Scepter
Cost: 450
Effect: LS +12%

Name: Warden's Mail
Cost: 400+Cloth Armor+Chain Vest+Rejuvination Bead
Effect: Armor +90, +25h5, P:20% chance on being hit to slow attacker's MS and AS by 35% for 3 seconds.

Name: Warmog's Armor
Cost: 1100+Giant's Belt+Ruby Crystal+Regrowth Amulet/3200
Effect: MaxHP +850, +30h5, P: +4 MaxHP and +.5h5 per minion kill and ten times that per champion kill. Bonuses capped at MaxHP +500 and +62.5h5

Name: Zeal
Cost: 375+Brawler's Gloves+Dagger/1195
Effect: AS +20%, Crit +10%, MS +8%

Name: Zhonya's Ring
Cost: 1000+Sage's Ring+Blasting Wand+Blasting Wand/3735
Effect: MaxMP +500, AP +100, UP: AP*1.25.


Name: Health Potion
Cost: 35
Effect: 200 HP over 20 Seconds

Name: Mana Potion
Cost: 40
Effect: 100 MP over 20 Seconds

Name: Vision Ward
Cost: 150
Effect: Places an invisible ward within 1000 Range. Has Magical Sight (can see invis units) and lasts 3 minutes. Max 3 Stacks.

Name: Elixir of Fortitude
Cost: 300
Effect: MaxHP +350, Dmg +20 for 4 minutes.

Name: Elixir of Agility
Cost: 300
Effect: AS +35%, Crit +20% for 4 minutes.

Name: Elixir of Brilliance
Cost: 300
Effect: AP +31~65 (by AP Ratio), CD -10% for 4 minutes.

Name: Oracle's Elixir
Cost: 450
Effect: Gain stealth detection until you die.

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Thank you for taking the time to make it but if you look in the Item category someone has a list.

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Death Adder

Junior Member


Thanks heaps.
But it would be even better if you could put the pics and weapons descriptions [FONT=&quot][/FONT]next to them.

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that is one thing the other list does not have but is it really needed?

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Senior Member


Pics would be nice, even though we already have a list some people are having trouble figuring out what's what.

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Updated for the patch: (Sep 02, 2009)
Vampiric Scepter: Increased Lifesteal from 10% to 12%
Abysal Scepter: Reduced Magic Resist reduction aura from -30 to -20
Mercury's Treads: Increased the movement inhibitor reduction effect from 35% to 40%
Tiamat: Increased AoE from 175 to 185
Removed the -Armor Component
No longer stacks with Frozen Mallet's Slow
Increased Combine Cost from 400 to 425
Infinity Edge: Fixed an issue w/scaling with crit talents/runes
Atma's Impaler: Fixed an issue causing it to not gain damage based on max health
Tear of the Goddess
Clarified the tooltip
Added a max cap of 750 Bonus Mana
Giant's Belt: Increased Cost from 1100 to 1150
Ruby Crystal: Increased Cost from 475 to 500
Aegis of the Legion: Increased Combine Cost from 700 to 750
Soul Shroud: Increased Combine Cost from 650 to 700
Warmog's Armor: Increased Combine Cost from 1075 to 1100
Sunfire Cape: Increased Combine Cost from 900 to 1000
Innervating Locket: Increased Combine Cost from 800 to 850
Rod of the Ages: Increased Combine Cost from 800 to 850
Frozen Heart: Increased Combine Cost from 400 to 425

Re: Images. I wanted to get the guide up before I got busy doing pre-PAX stuff. You can wait for me to gather the images together and insert them after PAX, right? :P As far as being confused as to what item's which... understandable, but for text only, it should be navigatable.

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Updated for the patch: (Sep 18, 2009)

NEW: Heart of Gold (Low Tier) - Health / Armor, 5 gold per 10
NEW: Guinsoo’s Rageblade (Mid Tier): - Damage / Ability Power, Basic attacks increase Attack Speed and Ability Power for 5 secs (stacks)
NEW: Madred’s Bloodrazor (Super High Tier) - Damage / Attack Speed / Armor, Basic attacks deal a bonus 2% of the target’s Max Health in magic damage.
NEW: Trinity Force (Super High Tier) - Damage / Ability Power / Attack Speed / Crit / Move Speed / Health / Mana, Chance on hit to slow the target, Spell Casts cause the next attack to deal bonus damage
REMAKE: Rylai’s Scepter - Health / Ability Power, Now causes single target spells to slow by 40% for 1.5 seconds (15% for multi target spells)
Tear of the Goddess - Reduced Max Mana Cap from 750 to 600
Boots of Mobility - Reduced the Out of Combat time from 8 to 7
Last Whisper - No longer works on turrets
Elixir of Brilliance - Now gives 31-65 Ability Power Ratio
Vision Ward - Reduced Cost from 175 to 150
Ruby Sphere - Reduced Health from 225 to 215
Giant’s Belt - Reduced Health from 500 to 475
Aegis of the Legion - Reduced Health from 300 to 285
Soul Shroud - Reduced Health from 600 to 580
Warmog’s Armor - Reduced Health from 900 to 850
Frozen Mallet - Reduced Health from 800 to 775
Catalyst the Protector - Reduced Health from 425 to 400
Innervating Locket - Reduced Health from 500 to 475
Rod of the Ages - Reduced Health and Mana from 450 to 425