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Alistar tanky build

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if I want to tank alistar out completely what would be the ultimate build for him?

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I usually get Swift boots, Philostone, Frozen Heart (for armor, CDR and Mana) and Banshess (for passive, health and MR).After that, it depends on who the biggest threat on the enemy team is - for caster, go Force of Nature or Abyssal (for more punch), for AD go Sunfire.

If you're dominating after the core build, you can go full AP if you want. This will buff your heal and damage output considerably. Also, you should be warding often to help support your team.

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Now that his 1.8 AP ratio combo got nerfed to 1.4, AP isn't quite as good as previously.

I build him like so:

+ Regrowth Pendant +pot --- great early staying power.
-> Philo Stone --- strong HP and mana regen for all game.
+ boots
+ Heart of Gold -- more Gold/5, health boost.
+ Negatron Cloak --- keep his defenses well rounded.
-> Ionic Boots --- CDR is one of his most important attributes.
-> Randuins Omen --- nice chunk of armor, health, and the aoe slow for initiation. 5% CDR too.
+ Aegis of Legion -- well rounded defense, share with team.
+ Sunfire Cape - decent damage for tankiness types.
-> Banshee's Veil or FON --- anti-magic goodness.
-> Reverie --- More health, a turbo speed clickey, and definitely maxes CDR.
(1 more item after that)

I found that he cant really go thru mana all that fast, so he is agood candidate for mana regen over a large pool. Hence, I take philo stone over frozen heart.