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[=splash ez=]

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In this game I realize what a ridiculous proc EZ has with mystic shot. Build: Hexdrinker, Brutalizer, Last Whisper, Ionion Boots, and the Tiamats. Didn't have money for sheen-to-trinity, but I wanted one. **WARNING: TEXT AHOY!!!**

A few days back I'm playing my customatory ARAM game before logging off when I drew Ezreal.
"Sweet!" I thought.

Ez was the first champion I ever bought. I thought we would play like Leto from Tides of Blood, and boy was I wrong. After a few weeks of cursing his overpriced, worthless a$$, I decided to practice with him and became pretty good at his whole burst dmg combo. In ARAM, he's a poke-machine, hence my exclamation.

Game starts up, I buy a ferie charm (with every intention of later upgrading to that sweet, sweet philosopher's stone), some pots and go on my merry, mystic way. The other team has some targeting CC, but nothing like my skill-shot distance, so I harass right out the gate. Just then, my team's amumu walks right up beside me, notices I nail a zil for the second time in a row (he's at like 1/2 health, tho)

...AND THEN TOSSES HIS FREAKIN BANDAGE FOR A TOWER DIVE. He flashes out, but not enough to escape his own special brand of stupid. First Blood, Zil.

At this point, I'll admit, I got a little troll-ish: yelling, kickin' dust, degrading my teammates. It was gonna be my last game for at least a week, and I wanted to go out with a win. But then our amumu kept tossing at this ridiculous flanking angles. We couldn't even run through the minions fast enough to support him. The guys on the other team started threating to ban him if he kept it up.

Needless to say, we drag our pathetic selfs along and I manage to sneak 3 kills for myself. Amumu has died 7 times in a 4-9 game thus far. It's frusterating, since he's our only tank and the other team has a sion and a malph; so their plenty tough. I finally get double-bomb'd to death by Zil and wait for respawn. I think,

"F*** it," and built a tiamats.

Now I have built this thing maybe three times in my entire LoL career. I mean look at that item: its absolute garbage. It's got regen, but not much. It's got damage, but at that price, why not just by a BF sword? And the passive is "meh." I could tell the move was especially shocking for the teammates that demanded I go AP beacause when I got back, the Jax on my team immedietly starting insulting me for being a noob. But I was landing mystic shots all over the **** place, so I wanted those to keep up, damage-wise, while maintaining relatively fair amounts of hp/mana.

"Whatever, we're just gonna lose anyway," I enetered into the field box and sent to my unenthused teammates.

And then I saw the damage. Every mystic shot was claming multiple victims. Their heroes that were hiding behind minion clusters where getting blasted by the mystic splash. They had nowhere to hide, and I was seriously chipping away at their tanks, without ever leaving myself open for attack. Malph could have ult'd me and pop'd me at the far side of his AOE -> Sion Stun -> death. Maybe. But he never did. After the minions cleared, I enacted my teleport-wave-shot combo and began chasing. When they turned to face, I began a faux-retreat then blasted them again, only this time followed by my Ult.


Now this wasn't the turning point by any means. We were down like 11 kills by this point. But my ratio was positive and I could eat towers. So after some tug-of-war and a near wipe by my team, I finally have the greatest mid-level-item composition I've ever seen: Hexdrinker, Brutalizer, Last Whisper, Ionion Boots, and the Tiamats.

My mystic shot shreded at least 15-20% of their life. A full combo, and I'm auto-attacking for more than half that amount, with 5 stacks of AS buff. Team fights were hilarious. With a single flanking teleport-shot, I could melt their ranged heroes with a mystic shot/essence combo and one or two auto-attacks.

It looked like I was pimp-slapping them from a distance, it was beautiful. Everytime my mystic shot rang out, they'd have to all back up for a few seconds just to make sure they weren't close to anything, especially since I could pick off at least two every scrimmage.

But, alas, one team fight focused on the Zil-ult'd-Sion and we absolutley freakin lost it. I finished out 19-11-9; almost four times the amount of the second place guy on my team, and more than half of our team kills.

In Conclusion: AD, splash EZ shreds heroes/clusters/towers. I could kite for miles and then counter, like really counter, and pull out with a kill. God only knows what would have happened with my Trinity Force...

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No. You don't build Tiamat on Ezreal.

Try Chausters build (arguebly the best Ezreal player in the world, with a 15.0 kda with hundreds of games):

Brutalizer, Bloodthrister, Last Whisper/Banshees/Wits End/Black Cleaver (last 3 order depends on game)

Also "w/e we'll lose anyway" <--- this attitude loses u games. The enemy diving you or doing just ONE TINY stupid mistake can completely turn a game around.

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Tiamat on Ez is a troll build for when you are facerolling a team so hard that it doesn't matter what you get any more. I've stacked 4 before, which was pretty funny.

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Ezreal goes pretty good as a standard Damage output champion. He deals physical damage on his Q. Why I use Phreak's build. When you reach level 18 note that you will have like 15 stacks on your sword of the Occult. Well as you know that a trinity force goes very well with Ezreal. So go with Phreak's build. It works for me!!!!!!....