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Vladimir help

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If I may offer my advice, I start with Boots and 3 pots. It takes a bit of getting used to, but with that setup, you are able to harass really well early on, as well as kiting people that you need to (Though, I wouldn't recommend it) For SR (Summoner's Rift) I start with Transfusion, on Twisted Treeline (TT) I start with Tides, though most start with Transfusion, for obvious reasons.

For the first couple levels, I harass when I can, sitting back and farming otherwise. Learn to last hit with your Auto Attacks, using your transfusion to harass whenever you can. Up to you if you want to use tides too, but it can get rather costly without spell vamp. So, just harass if you can do it safely, saving your pool for one of two occasions. Getting a kill, or saving your hide.

For a Build, This is what I generally do.

Boots+3 pots
Revolver + Boots>Sorc Shoes (If I can)
Finish WotA here.
Abyssal Scepter/Zhonya's Hourglass
Abyssal Scepter/Zhonya's hourglass

Sometimes I will sub Mejai's in if I'm doing exceptionally well. Wouldn't suggest it if you aren't used to Vlad.

Stats for the build.
630.5 AP = 1134.9 Health (Passive bonus)
500 HP = 20 AP (Passive Bonus)
57 MR and 50 Armour
Slow on Spell damage, 2 second invul in addition to your pool, 40 Spell Pen, 25% Spell vamp, and you give your allies 20 MPen, 25% spell vamp, and 30 Additional AP.

Overall, I play him in this play style to allow me to off tank, using my ult to increase my team's damage, and using Pool to sometimes save Allies. Just don't forget to Kite your enemies and you should be well on your way.