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Orianna Release Notes

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Next patch debuff tryndamere's ulti!!!

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After playing Orianna when she was free, I have to say that she probably has the most room for skill out of all the champions. I thought I had crazy fast reaction/judgement speed, but it was not enough to make the most use out of Orianna, especially with making full use of her E spell and ball positioning. It was a rush playing her to the max of her abilities... times like when you are pushing into the enemy base and the enemy is coming out, healing back up, and coming out again all while your team maintaining the push just makes you feel so powerful when you really leverage the power of your abilities.

Zone control, support, AoE, good melee attack... she is amazing.

I noticed she had a maxed out difficulty bar. Any other champ have this characteristic? I'm curious. I was thinking Anivia, LeBlanc, and a few others but compared to Orianna, it seems only hers is truly justified, unless you only play with 3 of her abilities and ignore doing dmg with the 3rd ability. Using it as a shield is powerful, especially if you get the timing right, and lets you help without sacrificing positioning since the ball acts independently.

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after 1.4k thumbs up look what shes become