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Thoughts on potential Shen item builds

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gun fu panda

Senior Member


Eat dat chammich:
You say to stack Sunfire and then say that he is not a stand in and tank style....doesn't that contradict itself. Sunfire is only good if you can stand in the middle of multiple people for a while. Hit and run items are stuff like Rylai's, DFG, and Lichbane.

Yeah, I'm rethinking the sunfire capes. Probably get a Leviathan and Guardian Angel instead. Maybe a Rylai's.

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i think Trinity Force is pretty epic on shen. Maybe not with a pure tank build but on a hybrid tank/dps build it seemed to work really nicely. Leviathan is pretty awesome as well on him.

last game i went

Dorans shield


boots 1


boots 1 - merc treads

sheen / zeal = trinity force

Aegis (enemy annie got fed, team was lacking mag resist)

we lost but i was doing fairly well.. Shen seems to be pretty great early/mid game but it kind of seemed to me that he lost alot of his steam around late game.

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I've been thinking of running this build.

Warmog's build first of course.
boots 1
Rylia's for HP Boost AP boost and also a nice slow to get in close with.
Boots of Swiftness
Frozen Mallet
Phantom Dancers
And probably a sunfire cape or a good defensive item.

Also i reckon maxing out vorpal blade for harrasment and feint for dmg mitigation and 1 point in shadow dash for an escape/intiate, cause even tho he needs high health to be viable, or at least his pasive tells us that, he'll be squishy till late game me thinks unless u max feint and keep ur distance with vorpal blade.

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The two builds I've tried/seen work well on him are:

  1. Doran Shield
  2. Sunfire
  3. Boots of Swiftness
  4. Thornmail
  1. Doran Shield
  2. Aegis of Legion
  3. Ninja Tabi
  4. Frozen Mallet
Beyond that in either build you could fill in items as needed, some that I've used/considered in games with shen are:
  1. Warmong
  2. Force of Nature
  3. Atma's Spear
It all really dependent on the game, how farmed you get and where the other team's strengths are. I really like the first build, as it's great for team fights and farming, but I think if you're solo queue'ing you may have better luck with the second one, as it's more self-reliant.


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i realize this is a little different then what eveyone's thinking.
doran's shield
ninja tabi
sunfire cape

the bloodthirster would complement his vorpal blade nicely and add some much needed hit power.