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I have always used Windows. I don't hate Windows, but I'm bored with it. I'm thinking of dabbling in Linux for the hell of it, I'm just not sure if I should go Ubuntu or Linux Mint. I plan on dual-booting with Windows still. Suggestions?

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I recently went through the same thing. I chose Linux Mint 7. I threw it on an old Laptop I have. It works great. I like all of the features Mint builds into their distro. They have a great selection of multimedia apps all ready to go for you.

Linux in general is fun. I was absolutely stumped on how to do simple things at first. For example, I unpacked a .tar and installed a program, and after a little trial and error everything seemed to go successfully. But I couldn't actually figure out where the program was when I went to run it. After a while though, it becomes pretty intuitive, and you really get a sense for how an OS is structured and things really work in the guts of a file system.

Long story short, I can definitely vouch for Mint. It is solid. If you do any sort of media editing, or just have an expansive music or video library, Mint is that much better.

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It really depends what you want out of linux, its completely customizable and linux itself is just a kernel

If you want something that you can setup in no time and you dont want to worry about anything, then ubuntu/linux mint/mandrake/suse is the way to go

If you want to set up your own linux but in a nice and simple way I would recommend archlinux

If your a total geek with nothing better in your time to do then screw around with linux, gentoo/slackware is good