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Forums Update??

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So Riot.. Why don't we have the sorts of things that could be easily fixed or made into the forums to make the community more interactive?

For example:
-Home Page (Summoner Information)
-Threads posted and information about our threads on the forum.
I like to check my lore and stories but I absolutely hate having to search for it every day.. Why cant we have a home page where it shows us our threads and posts..

Avatars and logos and what not would help to decorate and show our community appreciation and spunk on the forums..

We have no search engine to the forums for posts.. Makes it hell for someone new to look for builds that they need for a certain character.

And what is up with the account information?? We know nothing of other summoners. It's all a huge mystery as to who plays the game and who posts things. It should at least be an option to set aside key variables and information about one self. I would certainly like a home page where I can put things like:
-My favorite Champion.
-My hobbies.
-My favorite Rune (with picture and information)
-My favorite in-game item.
Certain things would be awesome to see on other peoples profiles and it would bring more people to post and actually look at the forums..

League of Legends forum as of this moment is a 3/10 for me. It just another place to get information that people have spammed to the front page..