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solo AP Cho´gath guide

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Kun Hei

Junior Member


cho´gath build
first i have to explain that i started playing cho´gath using slayerik´s build, and it seems very good, but as i kept playing him it naturally chanced in several ways. I still have to thank him for providing a good build for me to start, and say that somethings are still the same. also, slayerik´s cho is mostly side laner, while mine is mainly made for soloing. welcome to kun hei´s amazing ap cho´gath build! (feedback is more then welcome)
ok lets do this:
Summoner spells:
Flash - good for chasing and nom noming ppl. and mid game for turret diving, nom noming and flashing out of turret range
Teleport:well, obviously a great spell... early game for getting u back on the lane before they get a chance to farm much, and late game to get to the front, since cho is a bit slow.

early game:
Buy a saphire gem and a health pot and go mid. don´t try to peek since u have no way of countering a ranged hero at this point without creeps. When minions come, go with them and try to immediatly rupture u´re enemy in order to keep him in shape. u´re rupture should be, at this moment, only used to harass, as it consumes a lot of mana. Also, dont forget to get last hits, as it replenishes both cho´s life and mana. The idea here is to get 920 gold, so u can blue pill back and get "catalyst the protector". You might have to port back earlier, if your enemy is managing to keep you back. if that is the case, go back once you have 475 g to buy "ruby cristal". Keep this up till lvl 6, and thats when you should move for first kill, if you have the chance. As soon as he´s low on health you should rupture him, tower dive, nom nom him and flash out. Most will never expect it. You can even use feral scream and then nom nom. Its a hard to resist combo. Also, dont save u´re feast. Eat minions if your opponent isnt low on health. Dont worry, it comes back in less then a minute, giving you time to harass him some more. The next item u should buy is "sorcerer shoes". if you´re going against a mage, like ryze, or if there are many spellcasters on the other team, then go "mercury´s treads" instead.
Mid game:
Your next goal is to finish rod of ages. If i need to, ill hold the lane for a bit longer, but usually this is the time to start ganking ppl. You can even call a gank to free the mid lane, and then take the fight somewhere else. If you´ve been playing mid, by now you should be a few lvs ahead, and dealing a LOT of dmg. At this point, i decide if i need more ap, buying "rylai´s scepter" first, or if they have a good deal of magic resist, ill buy "void staff".
End game:
Now you should buy Zhonya´s ring. This should be the last piece of the puzzle. now u can deal more dmg then your enemies can imagine. Go kill some more. Look for team fights. Its good to iniciate, since you´re still hard to kill even without warmogs, but i find it that ap cho does the most dmg when noone is expecting. You can usually hit 3 or more ppl with rupture, then move in with feral scream. The squeeshy ones you can finish with feast and expect u´re friends to take a piece of the tanks, probably lost in the fight by now. At this point, your opponents should be dying of fear and fear alone. GL!

Saphire gem
health pot
catalyst the protector
sorcs boots/mercs treads
rod of ages
rylai´s scepter
zhonya´s ring
more items: Void staff, banshee´s veil(against most casters, this makes cho really mean), lich bane and rarely warmogs

Runes: i go for magic penetration, ap, and mana regen(for early game, but its up to you since cho isnt rly mana heavy late game). also, cooldown is very good on cho.
Masteries: i go the usual 21-0-9, but you can do well doing 11-0-19 too, for extra cooldown redux.

abilities: the deal is to get rupture first, but only first lvl, so u can harass. after that get one lvl of vorpal spikes, and then go all feral scream. the idea is to max feral and ult asap, and going rupture when u cant pick any of those 2. You only need one level of vorpal, since with this build you can trust ap to empower it enough. try to time rupture with feral scream for insane dmg mid and late game.