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Yet ANONTHER Suggestion

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the other day i walked in to a game with 4 people from an arranged, i did a little bad in early game and got killed 2 times out of my control rly i just got outplayed.... the thing is my teamates started to call me feeder and blah blah you know the drill they need someone to blame and no one better than the pug, after the 20 min lost they all said they where gonna report me.

Again this is common and i dont think im the only one this is happend to, but it got me thinking the i would be in the tribunal for something like that and players that just wanna get it done rly fast are not gonna read the chat at all and just go for punish for a bad score (it was something like 0/6/1) . So my suggestion is:

"Give the reported player a chance to comment on his point of view for a certain game"

A player who did nothing wrong should get a say when it comes to the tribunal, and its not just for this type of casses alone, alot of the time RL gets in the way and you just need to go, that will also get you reported, and getting banned for no real reason is not cool imo.

gl hf in your games!

pd. Love the tribunal great idea, its awsm to see all thos players who just ruin the fun for the rest get some consequences out of it...