Additions to the Tribunal

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I'd think that adding in a way for leaving a message or justification for your actions that would be looked at as well as your judgement before the final decision could help make things a lot easier, because what we essentially have here is trying to group various shades of grey into black and white.

If for instance you find a case where someone is being abusive to the team, but not necessarily disrupting gameplay, well then you may want to punish them, but not with a ban, but something as a warning, or IP reduction (could be a good way of punishing) But the only option you have is to vote for them to go free, or to be 'punished' which is a very wide term and needs clarification. If you were to have input into what punishment should happen, or why they needed punishing, it could make some decisions far more just and easier to make. Just my two cents on the Tribunal.

Also, I guess post other additions here