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[Guide] Udyr – Short guide on Udyr and jungling

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Disclaimer:I am not pro player and i don't play at high elo games,and this is not guide for some pro games or something,this is just short guide how to jungle with udyr and few other things.

Cloth Armor,5X Health Potion->
Madred's Razors->
Berserker's Greaves->
(now comes the option to picking Madred's Bloodrazor first if your enemies have high hp pool or are consist of many tanks,also if you need first Banshee's Veil pick that than Trinity Force)
Trinity Force->
Madred's Bloodrazor->
Banshee's Veil ->
Guardian Angel,Guinsoo's Rageblade, The Brutalizer(or w/e you want)

2.Skill order:
Priority: (you should pick first lvl of bear stance at some lvl for ganking,i usually pick at lvl 6)
1.Phoenix Stance
2. Turtle Stance
3. Bear Stance
4.Tiger Stance

I posted a short video of Udyr jungling, making lvl 7 and killing dragon under 10 min.
jungling video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQbq_KiVcrs)
I end up with wolves for first creeps but if you end up with golems same thing but you need to drink one health pot more and they give you more exp.
Note:You should always help your lane partner if he can't solo lane by himself.

4.What next?
Our plan was killing dragon because that makes your team in slight advantage and you have 2 solo champ,atm Udyr without golem buff is still mana lol so try to make as highest lvl as possible before going into combat.Now you should help gank,help your laning partner,help to destroy tower ,and still jungle around when you have chance(also kill dragon whenever he spawns).

What to say here:make sure you always have 3 stacks of Monkey's Agility (Udyr passive),when attacking always open up with stun and then with phoenix,use turtle to reduce incoming dmg .

Red:Arm pen
Blue:cd red/lvl(i took /lvl because i don't need that much cd red at lower lvl and crossover lvl is 12 which you should reach fast enough but pick flat cd red if you think it is better)
Q:Flat HP

9/0/21 (http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/0103400100000000000000000000103040122031301)

8.Summoners Spells:
Pick w/e you prefer. I use:
1.Flash because it saved me too many times and gave me ganks too many times.
2.Teleport rly not that useful with jungling udyr but i love it because i can be on once side of map and then if needs help to defend,gank or push i can quickly teleport.I found it very useful, you may not so pick w/e you like.
Smite?-great spell but very useless later game.

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You've got Exhaust, Teleport, and Flash in your masteries. Personally I'd take 0/9/21 and go for the Nimbleness bonus if you're going to play DPS; it makes for a longer-lasting, stain-resistant champion.

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I start with Elixer of Fortitude, 5 Health Potions, Smite and I head straight for the Golem Buff.

It allows for an easier time starting with the Golem Buff and it's pretty much a breeze from there. Since the Elixer lasts so long, it helps quite a bit with bringing down an enemy champion before you reach level 5.