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General Requests to make better judgements

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Junior Member


I have not had a technical problem so far. I would like a couple things...

1) I would like to see the pre-game chat... as I feel a lot of players are forced into a character they don't want to play (i.e. tank). and then when they die (because they are not use to that character) get reported.

2) AFK stats (actual time between movement stats) for the entire game. Being that if a mediocre member is against a good team and the mediocre member has a teammate that goes AFK, it compounds, and a decent player can look poor when it is 4v5 or 3v5. Also this would allow us to see if a person is actually AFK during a game, I've been in 1 that two members decided to report a player on the opposite team (that was owning them) for AFKing when they were in the lane destroying them. The posted in chat many times that they were AFK, it was horrible, they were reported, but stats would be great.

3) The percentage of reports by reportee, meaning that if a person has reported 100% of their loses, then it's not really a report of value as they are the #1 contributing factor of their loses. So a little background on who is reporting and their credibility would be greatly appreciated.

4) Comments should be mandatory when reporting someone, with the basis of a description and the exception of an AFK if stats are provided proving that they were AFK.

5) Comments should be allowed by voting members regarding their vote, then different sides should be able to debate the legitimacy of their opinions. The blind ballot system is very survivor and 'you've been voted off the island'ish. It should be judicial and it should not be about popularity but on the relation of the actions and the summoner's code.

I'm sure I can think of some more as time progresses but these are all I have for now.

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Xaiver Malvos

Senior Member


I definitely agree with 1, 2, and 5.