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summoner level

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Hello, just had a thought.
Some of these cases are hard to judge, as I don't see where there is a summoner level, however if there was, i could actually understand some actions taken by the summoner them self.

For example, just a small while ago i accidentally assumed that one of the cases i was reviewing was just a player learning to play, until I read through other game chat logs, and found the summoner was playing ranked ban draft games. His team mates were giving constructive criticism imo, he was just doing poorly. but he was stilll reported for intentionally feeding, which by the enemy team even reported his behavior which eventually turned sour when it seemed the summoner had given up.

So, as a thought, it might be a good idea to integrate the summoner level somewhere if possible. This way, we can also make an attempt to differentiate new players, from smurfing trolls.