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Some stuff that should be included in the tribunal

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These are just some suggestions that would in some cases help the process of evaluating more difficult cases, and some other suggestions that have to deal more with the facilitation of classifying cases so its easier to review them. I do this mainly to help the offenders and to prevent them from being banned, because i am pretty sure it would suck to be banned from LoL =/, and i am not asking to give second chances, i just want to see completely fair process when it has to deal with a ban

I find the need on more information on some of these cases.
For example being able to look at both team's compositions. Death logs with time stamps, disconnects and reconnects.Add their summoner stats as well, games won, games lost, and most importantly games left. Number of games played between reports and time played between reports aswell.

Adding a little comment slot for each case in which a reviewer can share some input on to a players behavior and the reason as to why he punishes or pardons a player, an optional input.

Since this system was just recently put live, the punishments that are currently being processed shouldn't be too severe because i am pretty sure some of the offenders I have reviewed wouldn't still be committing the same offenses after knowing that they really are being watched.

Even though this next suggestion seems far-fetched, in the case of repeating offenders, taking video replays of the entire game.

If an offender speaks a different language than the reporters you could ask the reporters to put in a sub classification that says the player was also speaking a different language and if they can say which exact language it is , it's even better, because then when a person goes to review a case he can just point out hes fluent in different languages and is directed towards those cases of the languages hes fluent on.

Refer persons that are reported like 3 times to the tribunal, but with this make the punishments less severe. Like a punishment warning, if this player is reported again he then should be reviewed by the tribunal aswell but this time with that little marker that says hes been reviewed by the tribunal before and as so have a more severe punishment.

Also there is a minor detail thats wrong on the stats displayed in the cases, when a players afk's and the system auto disconnects them, a loss will appear as a win in the stats.

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But punishing them with a perma-ban IS a fair process!

They get to take a permanent vacation for showing up on our Tribunal.