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Champion Idea. Eagle the Hunter.

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This was just an idea i had well playing 5v5 so read, enjoy and comment.

The Hunter

Type: support

Health: -----------

Attack: -----------------------

Spells: --------------


Eagle shares his knowledge of the wild with his allies. Increasing the duration of all neutral monster buffs by 30%.

The hunter whistles for his dog Rex. Allowing the hunter to send Rex sniffing for enemy units for you and you allies to see. Within a certain range Rex can see any invisible or hidden targets. Rex can not deal damage or have damage dealt to him.
Movement speed: +10 / +15 / +30 / +40 / +50

Site range: range units +5 / +10 / +15 / +20 /+25
Note: Not sure how much a range unit is in LoL.

Hunters Shot:
Eagle carefully aims down his site, picking the most vulnerable parts of his victims. After a short delay Eagle fires inflicting great damage. During this delay Eagle can not move.
50/150/200/250/300 DMG

Cool down: 15 seconds.
Mana cost: 50/60/70/80

Note: Not sure on exact ranges but its supposed to be long range.

Hunters Secret:
Eagle opens a bottle of his secret potion. Healing him or target ally and increasing movement speed for a 6 seconds.
10% / 25% / 35% / 50% / 60%

Cool down: 10 seconds.
Mana cost: 30/60/90/110

Note: They drink the potion. I'm just saying.

Sick 'Em
Eagle orders Rex to attack. Rex gains health and and attack damage. Having a dog in the fight fills allies nearby with a feeling of hope increasing there attack damage and attack speed. This effect will last for 60 seconds or till is wounded. Sick 'Em can be deactivated and put back in to his invulnerable state. May not be deactivated if Rex is stunned. If Rex is wounded he Rex may not be recast for 40 seconds.

Level 1: Rex gains 500 H/P and 50 attack damage.
Level 1: Allies gain 50 attack damage and 50% of there attack speed.

Level 2: Rex gains 750 H/P and 75 attack damage.
Level 2: Allies gain 75 attack damage and 75% of there attack speed.

Level 3: Rex gains 1000 H/P and 100 attack damage.
Level 3: Allies gain 100 attack damage and 100% of there attack speed.

Cool down: 120 seconds.
Mana cost: 100/125/150

Note: Not sure on damages but i think Sick 'Em might be op. Tell me what you think.

Note: Rex being wounded is equivalent to being killed.

Movement quote:

"Get me to the shadows"

"I don't really got a choice"

"I stink"

"You know, running ain't easy"

Attack quote:

"Once you cook em they all taste good"

"I guess he looks like a dear"


"They can smell me but they cant see me"


"Hes only a puppy. I doubt he'd hurt a fly"

Story: Growing up with nothing but a gun and family. Eagle has learned to survive in the elements quite easily has you could imagine. He killed his first bear at the age of five and skinned it to. growing up to be the best hunter out there known by many a people from all over. He lived withed nature and nature lived with him. he only killed what was ready to die and what aloud it. never taking away something that would be harmful to mother nature. A noble hunter indeed.