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[Champion Suggestion] Flappy, the Other Man

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OJ Da Juiceman

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Flappy, the Other Man


Flappy was born in the middle of a set of a romantic comedy film starring Rulia Joberts, and Gugh Hant. He spent his childhood years being haunted by the terrible puns, and turnaround endings. He tried to live a normal life, but his perspective had been permanently changed. His early years were spent watching turnaround lovefilled comedies where there was always a twist. Not believing the world was actually like that, he went to school with an open mind, and an open heart. He wanted to find the girl of his dreams just like Gugh Hant always did. Unfortunately the films were correct, but not in his favour. In schooling as a child, he was made fun of by all his classmates because of passion for reading love poems he wrote in crayon. His first ladyfriend was using him for his excellent desserts his mother packed him for lunchtime. As a result, he left school early in order to find love so he could ensure its existence. This didnt prove easy. His past two attempted marriage candidates both left him at the altar for another man pleeing on his knees begging the woman to come away with him on his motorized bicycle,or shiny carriage pulled by purple clidesdales. Everytime he fell in love, there was always another man that stole the girl away from him. His mind snapped. He hid himself in a cave with his most loyal and faithful girlfriend, a rock named “Rulia”, whom he wrote banjo love songs to on a daily basis.

One day Rulia ran away ( the cave was on the side of a mountain), and Flappy went into a passionate frenzy looking for her. He found her in the possession of several thieves. One of whom was about to skip her across the lake. Flappy was furious. He grabbed a large rock, and threw it at one thief killing him instantly. He bashed the other's head in with the rock before the thief could explain to him that he “thought he was joking and would happily return his rock with womens makeup on”. After needlessly killing two people, Flappy found a new sense of purpose in his life: to kill stuff. It made him forget about his heartbroken self, and it helped protect his precious Rulia from being skipped across lakes. He fashioned his new rock covered in blood to a rope so he could throw it at people's faces, and then return it to himself. He also put Rulia in his pocket so she would never leave him again while he went on his adventure.

Appearance possibility:
Scraggly hairy man wearing a really bad suit from the 1800's, Hairy man wearing ballerina skirt, Scraggly hairy man wearing leaves and caveman stuff.

quotes from various romantic comedies such as “ the lakehouse, Notting Hill, love actually”. Also featuring creepy stuff like “ well be together forever, where do you live”
Voice: A creepy dude who sounds slightly crazy.
Overall though, he should be likeable.

Flappy uses health as mana.

Passive: Bloody hell!
Everytime Gugh return to Flappy, his next regular attack will deal an extra 5% times the number of minions/champions hit with previous ability attack. ( Q,W attacks can hit multiple people)

Reg attack:
Short rope extention of Gugh slighly beyond melee distance of reg melee characters, but much smaller than ranged.

Q: Rock on:
Flappy launches Gugh forward and up and slams him down on target location, then pulls him back. Deals 50+(50 per lvl).Adds 100% of attack damage to reg damage if hit directly with Gugh. Deals regular damage to anyone hit on return of rock. Skill shot.

CD 10 seconds or so.

W: See you next fall:
Reanu swings Gugh in a low semicircle in front of him tripping everyone, slowing for 2 seconds and dealing damage if hit by Gugh equal to 50 + (50 per lvl) + 75% of attack damage. Rope hit only deals regular attack damage.

CD: 15 seconds or so.

E: Banjo Ballad ( Kazooie?):
Flappy whips out his banjo, and plays a chord while muttering a loving line to Rulia calming him to temporarily increasing his health regen and lowering cooldowns by a small amount. 100 over 5 secs + (75 over 5 secs per level). With a 0+(5% per level) CD reduction.Last 5 seconds, with

45 second CD. 1 second cast time.

R: Notting Hill:
Flappy, enraged by his romantic comedy past, throws Rulia at a target champion dealing 1 damage and stunning the target for 1 second. Horrified, after realizing what he has done, during this second Flappy slams Gugh the rock down into ground by the champion with such force that he pulls himself over toward the champion instead of pulling the rock back, and then strangles champ with rope attached to rock. Rock throw deals a set 100 +(100 per level) while strangle deals 150% + (15% per level) of attack damage once. Once this is completed, Flappy must dislodge Gugh from ground and find Rulia making him pause for 1 second.

Notes: Must find midpoint between health and attack damage to make him viable. Stack AD will not be viable as hell be too squishy. Slow movement speed to partially offset the ganking ability of his ult. First two are skillshots but ult is targeted.

He would be an effective anti caster, and fighter as his Q,R skill would have equal range as most casters, while W would be used to chase after ulti.

I think this guy would be hilarious, and fun to play. He would also be really fun to make.

Note: I dont want to study for exams

Note: Changed name to see which post would get more views: Keanu or Flappy

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