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Lane Partners for Evelynn?

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Eve is a bad character, and if eve has a bad early game she will have a worse midgame and an even more horrible late game. And if Eve has a good early game... its still pretty common for an Eve to have a bad midgame and a horrible late game. That being said, if I were going to try and maximize her potential early game...

I find that soraka works extremely well with eve, opening up a large variety of opportunities not otherwise possible and allowing eve to do thing she normally couldn't survive with very little risk. With Soraka, Eve can harass, she can last hit, she can go gank, she can take golem. Nidalee and Taric both also work well, but can't give Eve infinite mana the way Soraka can.

However, if we were talking about maximizing your team potential over maximizing Eve's abilities, both Nidalee and Taric tend to be much better choices than Soraka as an Eve lane partner.

Eve needs babysitting early game. Lots and lots of babysitting.

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the absolute best lane partner for eve is tryndamere.

try it and see, they are both perfect together.

if i see we have an eve i always go trynd and demand we lane together.

trynd will rack up on creep kills and the eve can kill any other 2 champs with trynd's damage free flash and slow

and when they are both lv6 can easily turret dive.