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Why does our duo team ALWAYS lose?! (replays)

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Me and my roommate have a problem... we can each get to 1450-1500 solo queue 5v5. However each time we get up to that level, we decide to duo queue, and we just lose until we're in the 1200s.

We just can't win duo queue, but we have no idea why.


Here are some replays recorded in lolreplay...
I play alistar in 3, he plays jungle in those 3, and I play Morde in 1 while he plays jarvan. I know we aren't perfect players, but we're both mid 1400s when we solo queue, so why would we just tank it duo?

http://socialistpig.homeserver.com/f...1_12-50-59.zip (http://socialistpig.homeserver.com/files/replay_27-05-11_12-50-59.zip)
http://socialistpig.homeserver.com/f...1_13-44-55.zip (http://socialistpig.homeserver.com/files/replay_27-05-11_13-44-55.zip)
http://socialistpig.homeserver.com/f...1_16-03-14.zip (http://socialistpig.homeserver.com/files/replay_27-05-11_16-03-14.zip)
http://socialistpig.homeserver.com/f...1_16-46-01.zip (http://socialistpig.homeserver.com/files/replay_27-05-11_16-46-01.zip)