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How to: Warwick

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This is a very strong way to play Warwick.

It builds Warwick Durability/Utility first then Bloodrazer.

Yes, Madred's Bloodrazer is an amazing item on Warwick due to his ultimate proccing it 5 times fast, and synergy with W and attack speed runes....

but, rushing this before you are durable turns Warwick into an almost burst style mage that can't safely melee attack. If you feel you are durable enough, then go-ahead rush bloodrazer.

Jungle Phase:

Skill W first
W at each camp, but only Q once per camp. Use potions if needed. Be sure to only Q when you need HP and between attack swings to maximize DPS. (important for dragon/buffs)

Start Double Golems (use smite early) -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Blue Buff -> (shop if you feel the need) -> Double golems -> Red Buff -> Repeat

This allows you to get to 6 fast because Warwick excels at level 6 ganks. Ganking early as Warwick is difficult without a strong CC team. The fastest jungle method is to skip red buff and just do small camps with blue up.

Counter jungle if you safely can by stealing their buffs or small camps. It is best to leave 1 creep or to just finish the large creep to prevent respawns (especially at buffs)

Try to not over-jungle by farming camps all day. I advise you to gank whenever your ultimate is up.

Dragon is very easy with wriggles but can be done at level 5 with enough razer procs and potion usage. Be sure to finish with Smite to prevent steals.

Holding lanes when an ally has to blue pill or they die is helpful to the team and gives you some experience. Remember to only last hit so you aren't pushing the lanes as that is annoying.


Buffs respawn 5 minutes after their death, Dragon 6 minutes after death, and Baron 8 minutes after death. A cool tactic is to write the respawn time just as you finish in chat so you don't forget and allows you to set up some cool pre-emptive ganks in enemy jungles. TheOddOne is famous for this. If you see the enemy jungle in a lane be sure to punish him by counter-jungleing.

Smart casting Q is very helpful on Warwick, I advise you to try it out.


This is the most important role of a jungler. A jungler is the most decisive factor in almost any game. Unfortunatly, Warwick has poor ganks until he gets his ultimate.

Flash then Ultimate early to set up easy kills (reaches very far). Throw in Q and W to finish with your ally. Make sure to keep red buff active. Turn off E while waiting to gank so you don't scare away your pray. Activate once they react to you.

Chasing them away from their tower is extremely helpful, but rarely possible. Remember, ganking sometimes to take pressure off lanes and waste enemy summoners. Return later for the kill. Try to gank when your Ult is ready, so you aren't over jungleing.

Counter jungle ganks can be extremely impactful, stalling their ganks allowing your lanes to safely more safely farm.

Summoner Spells:

Smite- To Finish off Buffs/Dragon/Baron first and speed up jungle second.

Flash- Superior to Ghost because it allows you to flash then ult for amazing ganks, and counter jungle over tree ganks. Then, if needed, for the escapes in your jungle if you are counter jungled. Can be used as a safety net to flash over the dragon wall if you risk doing it early.

Item Build: (Any of the following starts)

Long Blade + HP Potion
Cloth Armor + Ward + 2 HP Potions
Cloth Armor + 5 HP Potions


Madred's Razer + Plain Boots + Wards

Into-> (Heart of Gold can be purchased here if wanted. Grab wards when you can)

Wriggle's Lantern (Remember to use the active)+ Mercury Treads


Spirit Visage (Adds lots of durability and allows you to use more skills at a great price)


Any tank Items Until You Feel Durable: (Sunfire/Randuin's/Banshee's Veil/ Force of Nature/ Guardian Angel)


Madred's Bloodrazer (Adds great damage and is the only damage item you need. This is gotten after you are durable because a warwick who rushes this is basically a burst mage, and that is not what Warwick is best at. Only rush this if you feel you are durable without much of anything.

Skill Order:


This is the most common skill order with 1 level taken in W at level 1 then maxed last. This skill order allows you to be a great chaser and counter jungler.



This skill order with 1 level of E taken at 4 will allow you to jungle faster/safer after 6 as well as a safer dragon and more synergy with the item build. You will not be as great of a chaser or counter jungler.

Armor Penetration Quints
Flat Attack Speed Red With 1 Flat Armor Penetration
Flat Armor Yellow
Magic Resist Per Level

These runes give you 12 armor penetration which gives true damage to all creeps in the jungle EXCEPT the buffs. Smite will help on those. Attack speed allows you to clear the jungle MUCH faster and life steal more from your passive. Magic Resist is a great stat and early on you will not be taking a whole lot of magic damage if any, so it is much better to take the per level version.

Thanks for reading, hope it helped!