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Tips on rumble late game.

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I seem to do fine early game and mid game, but end game I just start doing crappy all together.
I know rumble's strong point is early/mid game, but I was curious on any tips on items to build and just how to play rumble late game.
I normally got a haunting guise, sorc boots/merc boots, rabadon (maybe), ryjal, and building into a abyssal specter (void if I need it), last items are placed randomly if I need it (like quicksilver sash), playing him as a tanky dps.

Thanks if you can help.

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i build in this order for "Rumble the Lane Dominator, Chaser of All"

tome&hp pot to a rylai, dodge boots(i always run dodge runes/masteries with him...especially now that Vayne is in every match...)

negatron cape, chainmail to sunfire cape, complete a fon or abyssal specter, #5&#6...guise or void then just more mr or armor(depending how the other team is building obv.)