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I need help with Ezreal

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Silent Reaper

Senior Member


So after a grueling 4-6 days of saving up Ip I was finally able to buy Ezreal.

And all I can say is.......he isn't as great as I wanted him to be. I mean I am fairly well using his skill shots, and I can easily land them on enemy minions / champions. Unfortunately, by the time late game hits in, I feel too squishy to be able to do damage in team fights.

So I know for sure that you need Armor Penetration Runes on AD Ezreal to make sure he has good damage. However for his other runes I'm not quite sure....

1) What are the best runes for AD Ezreal for Yellow, Blue, and Purple? (and why?)
At the moment I'm considering to use
Yellow: Mana Regen
Blue: Cooldown Reduction Flat
Purple: Movement Speed Bonus or Armor Penetration

2) Whats the best choice of Summoner Abilities? (and why?)
I personally think Flash (or ghost) + Ignite, or something like that.
However, Clairvoyance, Clarity and Rally seem pretty useful on him too.

3) What should his item composition be, and why? (include order too)
I'm pretty sure that just about any Ezreal AD build focuses on
Chalice of Harmony, Boots of Mercury or Swiftness, and Sheen, but apart from that I'm clueless...

4) What kind of strategy do you usually use on him?
I personally go with maxing Mystic Shot first, and farm early game 1-15minutes on just lasting hitting creeps, but apart from that, it feels kinda sketchy what I'm suppose to do after wards.

5) What is he personally good for?
I find that he is a type of Lane Pusher / Backdoor, and also is incredibly effective at hurting running enemies.

6) Any tips and tricks that you could use on him?
Here's mine.
When doing a 1vs1 fight
Cast Essence Flux at the enemy champion and immediately cast Arcane shift ahead of him. If you do this fast enough, you will be able to do alot of damage, cast a debuff on them, cast a buff on you're self, and heal you're self!. Not only that but you get instantly 3 stacks (2 from Essence Flux, and one from arcane shift) on you're passive. Neat-o!.

Please reply and answer these questions for me please!
(P.s. You guys definitely have to try out my trick for number 6, it works perfectly)

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Zoro The Otter

Senior Member


Sword of the Occult if you can get stacks on it will hurt. Tiamat will make you able to farm easier.

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Senior Member


If i ever see you get tiamat on ezeal i will ragequit. Mystic shot spam is all you need for last hitting.

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Silent Reaper

Senior Member


maybe a more detailed response plox?

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Junior Member


for summoner spells i go with flash and ignite, its nice to port in and right back out if needed, plus the ignite helps a lot for killing early game, for items i usually go chalice, boots, sheen then make either merc treads, ninja tabi, or sorc shoes depending on their heroes, after that triforce and the blue elixer then the game is uaully over by then but get zhonyas after that, its a bit more of a hybrid build but it works really well, i usually go around 15-20 - 3 - 18+. hope this helps a little

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1. I think you are right on with the yellow and blue, as that's what I use, and I do fairly well (from my experience) with Ezreal.

2. As for summoner spells, I've had great success with Ignite/Cleanse. I normally run flash with most heroes, but once you start using cleanse you will begin to appreciate it a lot more as it helps getting your E blink out to save your arse, as well as any other debuff that may end your spree . I run ignite as well because I'm an aggressive player, and like g0dh8su mentioned it really helps with early kills.

3. For either AD or AP, you are correct, Chalice works really well with your mana regen. As for other items, for AD I run:

Boots of Swiftness/Merc's
Sword of the Occult
The Brutalizer

and for AP I run:

Sorc's/Boots of Swiftness
Mejai's (If i'm running well)
Nashor's Tooth

4. For AD, you would max Q of course asap, and personally I prioritize E over W levelling wise, because I play aggressively. For AP you would max W obviously. Ezreal, has tons of harassing capabilities, so use them to your advantage. The more you can harass your enemy, the better you will farm, and outlevel him/her. In team fights, you want to make sure you hit as many of your allies/enemies with your W, while landing in those E blink, and Q spams. Personally in team fights where I feel confident, i'll just blink right next to my target and start spamming my spells on them. If it's a bit sketchy i'll keep my distance and just ping my spells in from the outside, while fueling my allies with W. Using your ult to engage fights or in unison with other AoE ult's usually works for me as well (I usually premake with a friend that plays Fiddle).

5. Semi-Carry/Support

6. I'm not to sure about the self-heal as i've read somewhere that it's been tested not to work, but I personally haven't tried it.

Only special tip I can think of is, if you notice an enemy champion in another lane with REALLY low life, you can almost guarantee he'll port back to base NEXT to their tower... I've landed a lot of kills just blind ultin'g the tower that they are running to, into the fog.

You can also check out Phreak's AD Ezreal guide here (http://blog.leagueoflegends.com/?p=51). It explains how to play AD Ezreal really well, and he even provides a video guide, which should help you a lot.