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Quick mordekaiser guide

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Okay guys, I'm not a diehard player or anything, so i don't want to type a huge guide, but I did wanna share my way of playing mordekaiser.

Masteries: 9/21

Runes: who cares, I use armor penetration and or attack speed cuz thats like all i have

Spells: I uses teleport and exhaust but i could see flash ghost and cleanse being used as well. DO NOT get heal or rally. with this build you should have really good hp regen. also dont get clarity (duh) or fortify and stuff blah blah

Anyway you want to play aggressively always keeping your shield up with e and q, so you will level up those ASAP (e first). use it allllllll day.

Once you get your ult, just use it whenever you are in a team fight, you want to kill someone, someone with low health is getting away, or they're for sure going to die. Its got kind of a low cool down

With W you pretty much just use it all the time on yourself once you get it. I mean, why not.

Item build:

this is the fun part!

  • regen necklace at start (lets u spam spells)
  • another regen necklace
  • boots or negatron cloak
  • make a force of nature (if u got the cloak)
  • now for boots get either mercury treads if they have lots of cc or mages. otherwise you want swiftness
  • warmogs (build in any order you want)
Here you should be farming aggressively. Even if you've died 4 or 5 times (you should have at LEAST 1 or 2 kills) up to this point you can still catch up. Just watch out for ganks, move around a lot to kill creeps, and gank with your team if they want to.

  • now buy either frozen mallet or wardens mail. or both. buy the parts in any order
  • this item spot is for whatever you want. I recommend atmas impaler because by now you should have over 3.5k and really good regen for our needs. This will up your damage nicely.
I've had a lot of luck with this build, I don't know if it will work for you or fit your playstyle, but it sure suits me. Thanks for reading this anyways.