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Your ratio, what went wrong, how to do better, and why the grass is greener.

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How to look at your X/X/X ratio and not feel like **** if you got a really really bad score.

I actually am not sure what purpose this guide has, I believe I’m writing this to be a general situational guide as to help newer players, older players, and people that just can’t seem to stop feeding even when they realize they’re feeding. Also, encouraging that people learn this stuff for themselves or rather, learn to ask and search for themselves. .

Step one: What happened Early game?
If your ratio is 0/4/1 and it’s only level 5 or so? You’re doing it wrong.


You are a Ranged Character:

You are either doing one of four things or all four things

1.You are getting too cocky with that awesome range of yours and engaging a little too close to the enemy.
2.You are simply a bad match for a certain general
3.You are not a good ranger, you don’t have a grasp of the key skill sets, nor how to appropriately use your minions as meatshields.
4.Keep getting Ganked by that random ass eve or yi that pops out of nowhere like a daisy.

What you can do to make yourself better (corresponding with what you’re doing wrong)

1.Just play it a little safer, just because you’re ranged and you can run faster than most champs doesn’t mean you can’t get caught. That tryn or ww is still going to hunt you down past your tower because it’s worth a kill. Also he can probably just escape into the jungle with luck.

2.Ask to switch. No seriously, if you can’t outzone or match up against a certain champ, get the hell out of there. You’re not good there, and odds are you can do more good either top or bot. Don’t just keep laning in hopes of getting strong enough to kill that champ. Odds are, if you couldn’t kill him/her the first time, it ain’t getting better from there.

3.Go search up the champ on this here guides and strategy’s forum, or ask your teammates how relatively the champ should be played. Odds are they have at least some experience or maybe more experience then you do.

4.Your team may not be saying MIA or warning you of this ****, that’s okay. You can still save yourself from it, placing a single ward where you know that ganker is (top or bot) can save you a life of trouble. Also, take a mental note of where enemy champs disappear to; keep track of your minimap like a hawk. This can save you more times then not. It might be a little difficult middle or late game, but as a ranged character you should still by able to do it. Remember Y button (auto-center) is your friend.

You are a Melee Character

We’re going to go ahead and assume you are NOT soloing the middle. Because… yea. That almost NEVER happens unless complete confidence is had (have had a melee in the middle, he did kick ass).

So you’re on the top or the bottom, and you can’t seem to get a kill on the enemy players, nor a gank, nor anything and you’re ratio is ****.

What went wrong?

1.You got lured out pre-poke and well… got poked. That’s okay, it happens a lot.

2.God **** slow, you got slowed or exhausted and raped.

3.Your teammate left you to defend alone, and well, that didn’t go well at all.

4.You over-extended.

There are other situations that could happen, in fact infinitely many. But we’ll stick with these four.

1.You can learn from that and stop face checking the bushes, get your partner to do it for you with spells (hopefully you’re paired up with someone who can charge-attack or aoe attack bushes)

2.It isn’t much, but stock up on red-pots, maybe run clense. Clense on a melee character is kinda fun, and works rather well. It’s not the most “optimal” choice of a summoner spell, but for charge meleers that are either hit and run or hit and keep hitting, clense is a god-send. Alternatively, you can stock up on runes for that, or get the boots that have tenacity (mercury treads I believe) I hate exhaust, you hate exhaust, let’s assume the other team picked exhaust and prepare next time.

3.Keep track of your team-mates, they won’t always tell you when they’re heading back. Don’t push if you’re alone, play next to the tower, but not so close that the tower gets all the kills. Just close enough that you can go “neener neener” whenever you get assaulted.

4.Stop. Charging. Up. The. ****. Middle. Seriously, I know you’re Xin or some other champ, and that you’re awesome. But for the love of everything you hold fun about LoL, charging up the middle screams GANK GANK GANK GANK GANK. I really can’t stress this enough, avoid over-extending and the like, because even with clense, etc. if you’re dps, you’re gonna get ganked. Hell if you’re tank same situation.

You are a support Character and your ratio is ****. What happened?

1.Your teammate left you to die
2.You stopped feeling like a support, went Rambo
3.You got ganked
4.You followed your teammate as he overextended and you got seriously beat.

Well ****, what do we do about that?

1.This is going to happen. I know, it’s sad. But it WILL happen. The most you can do to mitigate this is make yourself worth the kill, so that your running teammate DOES get away. If you just let yourself die without resisting too hard, two kills for one effort. Not really productive to team. Other recommendation? Play it safe. Support your team but don’t let yourself take the fall for their stupidity.

2.You might be awesome, but that doesn’t give you a reason to go charging all over someone’s face as he runs into the jungle. Srsly, you might get the kill, but for the love of god, check your minimap first. If you see NO other enemy champs on the screen, try not to be silly.

3.Yea, see those two that came up behind you while no one said MIA that sucked. Wards are a suggestion again, but really best way to mitigate this is to keep track of this yourself, and be careful.

4.DON’T TAKE THE FALL FOR YOUR TEAMMATES SILLYNESS. You’re a support, not a sacrificial sheep. Dying for your team is all fine and good if you really have to, but you should try screaming B or back or GET YOUR BUTT BACK first.

Step two: It’s middle game, start game went well, but this isn’t going so well.

It could be teamwork, it could be anything. Hell it could be Aunt Mayla’s homemade meatloaf leaving a poor taste in your stomach. Regardless of the situation you’ve essentially been feeding the enemy.

All the above applies, but if you feel that regardless of the situation you’re gonna be feeding, I can only say this.

Go Jungling

If you’re not a jungle build this might be slower, but I cannot stress this enough. FEEDING THE ENEMY IS NOT GOOD. Jungling can help you level and get you that much needed money. If you know the enemy has a jungler that’s also useful to shutting their spree down by cutting your side off.

Course this covers the risk of getting nuked by their jungler. But we can turn that to our advantage, yes we cannnn. Lure him in, get the team to set up a team beating, and proceed.

So what happened to have things not going so well?

1.Didn’t get enough minion last hits
2.Didn’t get any champ kills AT ALL, maybe 3 assists but not any kills
3.Died maybe twice.

Hpw can we remedy this situation so it never happened?
1.When it comes to minion last hits, you’ve just got to time yourself better, if you're not “lolz my attack speed is 1.5” then you should probably not autoattack, just time your clicks to correspond with the lowest life.
2.This can also happen, depends on the champion you’re playing and really for that I recommend searching for builds for your champ.
3.This can and probably will happen, if everyone just laned without killing another champ this game would be kinda silly. Just try to mitigate this yourself by following the above suggestions.

Step three: it’s late game, and wow your ratio is ****ty.

Now there isn’t much of a guide here for this, because if you f’d your build you f’d your build, i recommend just searching for guides and such such and learning to observe champs and what they’re skillsets play to (Attack Damage, Ability power, TANK) and you can figure out how to counter it with your own builds. Guides can only help so much, some of it is a learning experience.

BUT! Let’s say your ratio is ****ty, does this mean you sucked? Maybe not.
Let’s look at the circumstances of your death

Did your death allow your team to kill 2-3 people on the enemy team just because you were the focus of their wrath and you dealt a pretty bit of AOE damage?
If yes, AWESOME, you may not have gotten the assist points but by jove, you helped your team out, and it only cost you your life!

Did your death allow your team to get that master yi or (insert other rape champ when overfed) that was overfed?
If yes, jubilation is in order. You’ve raised your teams morale, and well, got rid of that overfed yi for a minute. You should be happy and rejoicing. Now your team can push up the middle and hopefully have a chance.

Did you feed your enemy?
If yes, be sad. Also, Be more aware of your placement on the gameboard, if you’re alone, don’t be alone, late game is time for teaming. If you’re alone and you’re not ganking, you’re in a BAD SITUATION. You need to GET OUT OF THAT SITUATION.

Step Four: Summing it all up (final)

This guide’s simple and not too complicated or looking at specific champs etc.

But, it can help the player by helping them learn their own mistakes.

I encourage you, the reader, to look back at your previous games, stop blaming your team (if you were doing so) and look at what YOU could have done better. Was it being a better player? Or being a better teammate? Just because they don’t scream MIA like they should be, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t scream it.

In summary, five specific suggestions
1.Minimap is your friend, keep your eyes on the enemy champs and their positions
2.Don’t overextend, pushing’s cool and all, but there’s a line between smart pushing and silly pushing.
3.Prepare for negative situations, if you think the enemy team are all going to pick exhaust, prepare for that ****. If you think they’re going to be ad’s or some such, modify your build to compensate. Situational Awareness is number one.
4.If you’re feeding, GO JUNGLING. Saves your team from having to face overfed enemies, and gives you a chance to rise up beyond being a feeder.
5.Just because you had a ****ty ratio doesn’t make you a ****ty player, look back on how you’re deaths helped or affected your team. Even if you didn’t get the points, if you set up the opportunity and it worked feel a little better about it. You died, but you died for a purpose.

If you've got suggestions for advice on the guide, etc. feel free to post or pm me them, i'll put your stuff with a little sentence stating it was from you and we can all feel good about it.

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I don't think i've seen a guide about his before so i'll try to add a few things.

If i am feeding, but can still contribute to teamfights, i always make sure to stick to my team when it looks like **** is gonna go down.

If not, i'll just grab a bunch of wards and try to farm/split push as much as possible, if you have a champ that can push well this will hopefully give your team enough lane pressure to prevent the enemy team from grouping up .
I prefer doing this to farming jungle creeps, especially when our team has a jungler who wants that exp early game, mid-late it's not much of a problem, but farming jungle creeps at that point in the game does not help your team.
This ofcourse, also helps you catch up.

You mentioned it a little bit, but i also think building situational items is important, this is relative to what role you're playing and your team composition though.

Eg. If you look in my match history, my sivir build is semi-******ed. HOWEVER our team already had alot of damage output but no tank, i was dying alot, so i figured out what was killing me and built survivability to counter that, while also building items that would help my team and are not completely un-synergistic with my skillset (auras+ulti to buff teammates, omen+mallet for CC)

This would be more difficult on a champ that can't farm as well but you get the idea ;P