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[GUIDE] Nidalee- Bloodsoaked Paws

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First off, I'd like to state that my build is in due part very similar to Flankd's. The reason I made a new thread is because that one has gone to pasture, and I would like to enlighten folks as to what they are missing out on since updates were made in the most recent patch, as of the date of this post.

Without further ado-


Flank'd has recently switched to a 0/9/21 shift in his guide focusing on:

Utility Tree- Mana Regen, CD's, improved Flash, Utility Master for Monster Buffs etc.

Defense Tree- Dodge/dodge speed buff.

I started thinking how effective or impactful the 6 extra Magic Resist + 2 increased Armor really was, and how often would that extra 2% Dodge boost in Evasion really pay off? 1 in 50 attacks? So 1 in 50 attacks I'll get a 10% speed boost (which I probably won't even notice I was buffed, much less have anywhere improtant to go at that precise moment for the 5 seconds the buff lasts).

My new build goes 9/0/21 with a focus on the following:

Utility Tree- Same as before.

Offense Tree- Deadliness (3), Archmage's Savvy (1), Sorcery (4), Archaic Knowledge (1)

My thinking is that Nidalee is not a tank. She gains more from consistently increased damage output than she does, very situational and infrequent Dodge buffing. Ok and before you go "Woah woah woah, Thistlemin, make up your mind is this an AD or an AP build, this is a carry your team build. This is a killer's build. Sometimes a little of both worlds works best.


Yellow- Dodge
Blue- Flat Cooldown
Red- Armor Pen
Quint's- I haven't gotten particular with yet, I currently use Armor Pen (2), CD (1). These may switch with further testing.

You need to be able to kill early, hence flat CD runes are better than per/level CD runes. Early kills snowball Nidalee into larger items with this build and much higher DPS in the end game. This build evolves fast into a powerhouse, often during one push I'll gain significantly more destructive power. I will explain.

ITEMS- (Build order is important for Nidalee)
I will list the build order priority you are trying to accomplish and then my purchases in order to get them.

1. Sheen
2. Rank 1 Boots
3. Sword of the Occult
4. Rageblade
5. Magic Resist (This item is flexible depending on opponent champs)

Mana Crystal + Red Potion
Sheen + Rank 1 Boots + Longsword
LS-->Sword of the Occult + Pickaxe/Merury's Tread
Mercury's Tread/Pickaxe-->Rageblade + Negatron Cloak

That is my core build. Stick with the items I listed 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. and you will be golden. To those who avoid Sheen as your first blue pill purchase all I can say is WRONG WRONG WRONG!

SHEEN- Sheen lets you jungle at lvl 6 to get Red/Blue buff, slay the Dragon starting around lvl 7+. Sheen gets you early kills. This isn't a question up for debate. Get Sheen and gank.

SWORD OF THE OCCULT- You must buy this item. It is MANDATORY! It grants 110 Damage + 15% Movement Speed when Maxed Stacks. With this item you become an Auto-attacking king. Towers fall down. Nidalee laughs....you smile....the world is a happy place.

RAGEBLADE- This is the item that is that much needed Attack speed buff. It is an all-around buff that you'll feel. Consider this item like a facelift. Everything Nida does, she does better with a Rageblade.

NEGATRON CLOAK- This item can be adjusted as necessary, but you'd be surprised how much more survivability it grants you. It's really that simple. I like it a bit more than a Spirit Visage since it's a bit more affordable and snowballs late game into Banshee's or Force of Nature (I go Banshee's almost every time if I upgrade Negatron in the end game.

Your goal for Nidalee is to buy Sheen on your first blue pill. To make sure you can do this without fail, Mana Crystal is the first item you should buy unless you are over-aggressive in which case I would suggest Doran's Shield.

Playstlye- This is entirely up to you. Try and start in Mid if you can. Flank'd has a lot of good thoughts on playstyle. I will not give you much specific advice since by design Nidalee is a generalist. She does so much well often times you are filling in the gaps left by your team. If nobody's grabbing red/blue buff, do so.....if nobody is slaying the dragon, do so....if nobody is protecting a Tower that's being pushed, do so....

You get the idea. You are your teams' super soldier. You are your teams Captain America. Be everywhere, do everything. After that, do some more. Your team won't be aware of half the things you're doing and that's ok. You'll know at the end of the game when you look at the graphs and your name is near top of the charts in all of the worthwhile categories.

Good luck! I'll update once I look over anything I omitted.

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Remember that Nid has 10% dodge in cougar, which is why nimbleness is awesome for her.

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True, and I get another 6.8% in my runes. Good thought Charmic. That's about 20% combined Dodge for almost 1/5 attacks. Nidalee is fast enough as is, especially with 3% increased movement speed. There comes a time where it's put up or shut up. And having 9 in the Offense Tree gives her a little extra bite with her Javelin

I'm doing very well with 9/0/21.

I'm liking the:
3% Reduced CD's
15% Magic Pen
2% Increased Crit Chance

I get in Offense for 9 over what I can in Defense. I already have 3% increased base Move speed via Utility.

Thanks for the comment

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Hey you might remember my name from flankd's guide and this is actually what I've switched too... The only thing I have to say is with the sword of occult it is a situtational item for example the last game I went up against gragas and he couldn't kill me but I also couldn't kill him so because I was having trouble leaving my lane for ganks and getting stacks I just went with the brutalizer... And just on another note the spirit visage might be more expensive but I believe it is worth the 30% healing not to mention the 12% CDR with I'd think would be really handy especially if you went sword of the occult route.

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I'm an advocator of requesting others to take over mid (like Flankd suggested in his thread) for me as when I get my ult so I can go gank easier targets. I don't get my SotO until around lvl 8-11 anyhow usually. The laning phase is at an end at that point. Then its up to you to pick your targets.

Many games I'll buy SotO and I consider it like an investment. Each successive kill with it multiplies your future power, but some times they'll all come in a spurt 10+ minutes after you bought the item. It doesn't matter when, since whenever they come you'll usually hold on to them, at which point the game will change in your favor.

Some times I'll get Magic Resist or Mercury Tread's before I build the Rageblade. That's about the only difference I'll make.