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[Champ Suggestion] Amar'aza the Shackled Master of Spirits

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Amar'aza the Shackled Master of Spirits

Ranged Support hero.

Goal: Add to the small pool of support oriented champions.

Background: Amar is a dark mage that was tempted by powerful nether demons into entering a pact with them. In exchange for power and dominion over wayward spirits and ethereal energies, Amar must pay a soul debt to his backers... or else. Amar was transformed by the process, twisted to reflect the visages of his backers and appears reptilian to those that look upon him.

Model: As per the description, Amar is an anthropomorphic monitor lizard (think Komodo Dragon) sporting a cloak and hood (think Sith Lord). His long snout would protrude from the hood and he'd have a tail to complete the ensemble.

I'm not so good at figuring out stats for champions for abilities. My thoughts on how an ability might be balanced are in the comment sections following each ability. I imagine that this champion would have similar stats to Soraka, both of them being ranged support magi. Your feedback and input would be greatly appreciated.

Passive: Ethereal Shift
Description: Amar's connection with the spirit realm is great and in times of distress he can escape to that plane for a period of time.
Action: When Amar's HP is taken down to X% of his max life he gains zero unit collision and immunity from all damage. Amar cannot cast while he is shifted. Lasts X seconds and can proc every X seconds. Spell effects remain unaltered.
Comments/Balancing: Amar's likely to be targeted in team fights because of his support abilities so this helps him bug out when he gets near death. And since he can't cast while shifted, he might as well regroup/fall back to take some of heat off him while not becoming some kind of casting tank. My thinking in balancing the values would out the proc % somewhere around 0.33 and 0.25 life, lasting 3-5 seconds, and able to proc every 5 minutes or so. Not sure how him getting one or two shot would work. As the last part says, if you have Essence Return activated and this procs the Essence Return aura would work and last as usual. So if you want to risk it, you can stick around to keep helping your allies.

Skill I: Essence Return
Description: Amar has a deep affinity for the life and spiritual forces of those around him, allowing him to imbue his allies with life force for the effort they exert.
Action: Passive/Active
Passive: Physical and magical damage return X% health to Amar.
Active: An PBAoE version of the above occurs for X seconds. X cooldown.
Comments/Balancing: Large enough AoE to cover those 5v5 encounters. Knowing when to pop this would take some thinking since I'm leaning for a short up time, maybe around 5 seconds. Health return % would need to be helpful but not overkill. Up time may also be on the longer side, with a lower % return of course, to help it gain better synergy with Shift and Beacon.

Skill II: Soul Subjugation
Description: Amar connection to the spirits around him allows him to sequester the souls of the departed to force him to do his bidding.
Action: Active/Passive:Enemies that die within an AoE of Amar give him charges, champions included. Max of X charges.
Passive: Charges give Amar plus X damage to creep.
Active: Skill shot spell. Only hits enemy champions. Applies debuff: lowers target's attack speed by X% and silences them for X seconds and silences for the same amount of time after they cast a spell. Lasts X seconds. Does not stack/cannot be refreshed.
Comments/Balancing: This skill is meant, obviously, reduce the target's DPS potential. The cooldown should be such that, after the first one is shot off at the beginning of a team fight Amar should be able to shoot it once again if the fight is on the longer side. This isn't meant to gimp the entire enemy team. You have to aim well and choose who you want to nerf. The effect should last about a third to half the time a full team fight lasts, maybe. Silence would be short; fraction of a second to maybe a full second to gimp chain casting. Not sure about the value for attack speed reduction, maybe a quarter to a third reduction. The plus damage to creep helps Amar gather up souls, as well as push. Would need to pick an appropriate missile speed.

Skill III: Conjure Spectre
Description: Amar plucks a wayward spectre from the ether and binds him to an ally forcing them to fight for a period of time.
Action: Applies a buff to allies. The spectre would have the target's attack range and would attck their target with X attack speed. Successive attacks from the spectre add X damage up to X times when damage is capped. Damage applies to buildings. Lasts X seconds.
Comments/Balancing: I imagine this being applied mostly to the teams DPS workhorse. Can also self apply for laning/pushing purposes. There are a number of ways I can see this being balanced and keep it viable. I'm leaning towards the attack speed remaining the same and the damage increase and max cap increasing with level. It might be fun to have its attack speed as the variable that increases, however, getting to max cap faster, which might remain static. Or a combination of any of that.

Ultimate: Spirit Repayment
Description: Amar needs to repay his benefactors for the gifts they're bestowed upon him lest they take it out of his own essence. To quench their thirst, Amar can summon a beacon that connects the mortal and nether planes allowing his backers to feast upon any nearby sources of spiritual energy.
Action: Amar summons a beacon at a target location, which activates after X seconds. The beacon has a PBAoE that damages enemies within range and more so the closer the enemy is to the beacon. Does X damage per second. Lasts X seconds. If the Essence Return aura is applied, damage from the beacon will heal those allies.
Comments/Balancing: I see this ultimate as having some crowd control properties. It could be used to cut off retreats, to split a team or isolate a champion, to cover a retreat of your own team or to heard enemies a certain direction. I though that a one second activation time would be good so that you can't just pop in on top of someone and immediately start getting max damage; you'll need to put more thought into it than that. Duration might be short if the damage is high or long is the damage is low. I'm leaning towards the longer duration model since stacking AoE ults is really strong and a longer duration might have more CC properties by cutting off routes for longer. The final clause in the action section adds synergy between Beacon and Essence Return and increases Amar's support ability, though I'm not sure if I want to keep that.

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Bump for comments ^_^

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Senior Member


aite I'll bite. Lets see.

While I don't think this char is overly OP, I can see some abuses and QQ potential.

Passive. Immense tower diving capabilities. Especially when combined with his Q and R. Just dive in past enemy team, drop beacon to cut off escape and run. Beacon's reverse damage will be more than enough to take a few hits from the tower.

Q. Interesting idea, I like the aoe support aspect of it. Although, in general riot does not like reverse damage, lifesteal is about all they can handle.

W. Good passive that might help him farm a little, but only with auto attacks. (The problem with relying on auto attacks is what if your laning against Karthus and have to keep moving? Or dodging blitz all the time. Or keeping out of range of Zil? Last hitting is a skill, but Soraka has a aoe spam damage for a reason. She can still last hit while moving.) The active is too much tho. I see it doesn't do damage, but that kind of silence is a little too much.

E. Like mords ult but not an ult? And it can be passed on to another player? Not sure what to say there.

R. Now I know you can say ok the numbers are low so it can't be OP, but add in a large amount of AP, some abusive tatics and the threads with start flowing. I like the idea of a Char that can place a ward/beacon that does damage but when combined with your passive and R its too much.

Overall I like the idea. I miss Oblivion and would love a support person like him in LOL (I know he wasn't support but you could re-work him.)

Your support needs to be squishy for two reasons. One, so they can be killed by enemy team once in a while and they don't start the QQ process. And Two so their tanks have a reason to be tanks. If you look at Soraka, she is really squishy and does not have anything like your passive. If she heals herself with her W she sacrifices her Tank. So all she has if she gets caught in the back of the pack by twitch , for example, is her ult. This can be powerful enough, but if her tank doesn't get a move on and stop twitch from Expunging, she's toast.

idk I could give you some suggestions about when you could go with your char but I am prolly overstepping myself already. Your char is could very easily be an Oblivion replacement(support) with some minor tweaks to his abilities.