Akali Seals

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Really need help with this, all her other runes are more or less obvious.

Till now have been using HP/lvl

Thinking: Good Vs. both AP and AD no matter which team you're facing no RNG, not situational, reliable. Alternatives didn't seem as important. As an assassin always on the move magic is bane (Even AD based champions tend to have magic attack skills)

Considering Armor/lvl

Thinking: As I get no other source of armor save for the few games I build Zhonya's it should raise AD HP up by ~400 more than Hp/lvl runes. Obvious cons are that armor is counterable and will do squat if the main enemy carry is a karthus

and Dodge

Thinking: I get the nimbleness mastery so perhaps the extra bit could help with escapes? Definitely with chase due to minion proc which may or may not help with FB (which I always go for) Cons here are RNG, uncertainty - Not sure if Dodge runes really are more worthwhile than armor/lvl, and again RNG.

Just need opinions/thoughts and would like to know if I'm not accounting for something. If anyone has had and extensively tested these out to form a succinct opinion I'd love to hear it.

P.S. If relevant I already have a full set of dodge runes.