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Am lvl30, want clan.

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Hey there, I've been lvl30 for some time now, what I would like to help me get another experience of LoL is to be a part of a clan.
As you can see, I use correct grammar and avoid abusive harrassment when in-game.
I play safe if the team needs to, I call MIAs and I try not to over-extend.
Would love to even try-out for a clan that is like-minded to me. ^_^

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Fierce Frankie

Senior Member


We're always looking for more people to play with and talk to while on our teamspeak server. We like to relax, have fun, socialize, play games, watch live streams of tournaments, talk about LoL and other stuff. We have level 30's with high ELO who have been playing for a long time that are willing to offer advice on how to build certain characters and we want to help each other to become better players and have fun doing it!

Teamspeak info:

address: fiercespeak.sytes.net
port: 9987

You can download teamspeak here (http://www.teamspeak.com).

We prefer mature members or adults. We're very easy going and easy to get along with, if you want people to talk to while you play LoL or to play with, come join The Fierce Force.