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Disaster Strikes at the Riot Office Cafe

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The void has stolen the last COOKIE

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i bet it was chogath
i want a tux on everybody so im a robot in a tux

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If, i am able to post it i can Create New Cool/Funny Skin's for everone, for i am an Artist in my town and Draw' alot of animation's and comic's whilst, i work under the Supervision of Microsoft in Redmond. Just letting this Be-nounce. I Can post up Cool Skin's for every charecter' if Needed by a moderator or GM' to enlist in my capabilities for freelance. Some as.

Taric, The Diamond GEM KNIGHT "his diamond like Armor Glow's with a Glistened White'"

Cho'Gath "The Gentle-Man, or Cho'Gath the HotPink Terror"

Tryndamere "Featured Skin, Wearing a Diaper with a Baby bottle for a weapon."

Master Yi, " Wearing custom fit Glasses and a pen protected shirt with a Ball Point Pen instead of Sword."

New Champion' Castper yes Castper The Spell Casting Ghost or "The Deadly Non Friendly ghost Picture of the charecter would be a Ghost Blacked out =)."

here's a Skin i am quite positive EVERYONE WOULD BUY for 10$ a pop or whatever/

Ashe' In Bra and Underwear o.O? lol for a Shout out to all the Anime Pron Lover's. i am not one myself just a point of thought.

Annie " Dressed in a girl scout uniform "

GangPlank " Dressed as a hill billy with a shot gun or his 2 gun's "

The Big Robot Guy " Make a BLACK SKIN For him with Glowing RED Eye's Or give him a Skin with a Sticker that Says I,<3,LoL on his back preferably 32x32 in diameter "

New Champion - Name Myke Tyson
Level 1 Ability

Knock out - Punches the enemy so hard taking 50% of his life on Minion 15% towards Champion Level 5 takes 60%

Level 2 Ability

Memory Phrases' He Looks at the enemy taunting them with Sayings he has said like " I dont know nothin about knowin numbas all i know is how to knock this mother effa out puts the enemy in Fear and you gain 10% Att Speed if successful"

Level 3 Ability

Golden Glove's - Myke Tysons Gloves glow for 6.00 Second's giving him increased damage and vascular muscle's causing his enemy's to forget there movement speed and relive there childhood moment's.

Level 6 Ability

Signature move, Myke Tyson Displays vulgarity towards the Champion and Proceeds to Tear off his ear with his mouth causing Bleeding wounds for 10 seconds of 50 dmg a second 20% boosted Att/Movement with the Accept of a Fine of 500 Gold and the shot at the title/

Lol that' would be a B.A Character hahaha

anyways if you agree on the skins Just Bump this post! think of some ideas draw them up and post them you never know they might try one out =)